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First name: Patricia. Last name: Valle. Nickname: Patty. Age: 18. I live in Maracaibo, Venezuela I am a student to URBE. Race: social communication. Mention: advertising and public relations. Hobbies: shopping, reading, listening to music, tennis and chocolate. What I like to do: travel. I always carry it with me: my cell phone. My favorite food: Italian food and snacks. My family: especially my grandparents, my mom and dad. A little about myself


GIRAFFES The giraffe is the tallest animal in the world with the longest neck Living in África Their sound is not alluding to the human ear. Its name comes from the Arabic word ziraafa.


REFLECTION English is the global language. It's great that our country d universities as taught in schools as chair, as well as businesses today, when leaning more professional looking for professional bilingual. Well about the would put, I found it interesting, I can not say that now I am an expert speaking English, but learned to handle a little more, because this language is not my forte. The teacher was very nice, was very patient and always tried to teach the subject in the best way possible. Concluding the groin is a very important language. It is, in short, a language that everyone, like it or not, we must accept. And never too late to learn! Patricia C. Valle V. Peace and love

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