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United States, Utah. This is a presentation where it tells you stuff about Utah.


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UTAH Utah Carlota Bentz Period 2 10/31/2011 Mrs. William s UTAH By: Carlota Benz Period 2 Mrs. Williams World Geography

Utah's nickname:

Utah's nickname Utah’s nickname is The Beehive State they call it like this because it means thrift and industry. A Beehive where the bees live. There is a Beehive in the state flag of Utah. Utah recognizes the beehive cluster as the state's astronomical symbol, and the beehive is the official state e mblem.

Utah’s U.S. state:

Utah’s U.S. state On January the 4 of 1896. But the United states of America become a country in July 4 of 1776. WELCOME TO THE U.S.A

Utah state map:

Utah state map These are the state map the one that shows the U.S.A is because I wanted you to see where is Utah at. And the other one is to show you the Landforms.

Capital city:

Capital city The capital city in Utah is the Salt Lake Guiders and the absolute location is 40.777 N 111.929 W

PowerPoint Presentation:

Utah state flag is a circle and if you look at it have a beehive in it. It has America's flag too and the name of the state. On the bottom it have the year joined to U.S.A. Utah state flag

Sate tree and state flower and bird:

Sate tree and state flower and bird Utah state tree is the Blue spruce Utah state flower is the Sego lily. Utah state bird is The common American Gull

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Utah state song Written by Evan Stephens Composed by Evan Stephens Land of the mountains high, Utah, we love thee; Land of the sunny sky, Utah, we love thee; Far in the glorious west, Throned on the mountain's crest, In robes of statehood dress'd, Utah, we love thee. Columbia's brighest star, Utah, we love thee; Thy lustre shines afar, Utah, we love thee; Bright in our banner's blue, Among her sisters true, She proudly comes to view, Utah, we love thee. Land of the Pioneers, Utah, we love thee; Grow with the coming years, Utah, we love thee; With wealth and peace in store, To fame and glory soar, God guarded evermore, Utah, we love thee.source


Monuments One of the historical sites is Gland Staircase

Chamber of Commerce:

Chamber of Commerce Utah State Chamber of Commerce 175 East University Blvd (400s.) suite 600 Salt lake City, UT 84111 This right here is the address of the state tourist information center

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The Governors Name Gary Richard Herbert born in may 7 of 1947. Party Affiliation: Republican Nationality: United States Executive summary: Governor of Utah Military service: Utah Army National Guard Father: Duane Herbert Mother: Carol Boley (d. 1-Oct-2011) Wife: Jeanette Snelson (three sons, three daughters )

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U.S. Representatives U.S. House 110 th congress U.S Senate 110 th congress U.S. Senate Mike Lee Orrin Hatch

Utah agriculture:

Utah agriculture The greatest snow on earth.

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THE CLIMATE Utah’s climate its pretty cool because on December… it is cold but then on the summer it is hot.

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U.S. REGION Southwestern States. Landforms and bodies of water Landforms and major bodies of water like: Great salt lake, Grand Canyon or the Colorado river.

Major Industry and/or manufacturing:

Major Industry and/or manufacturing Aero-space, Canning, communication, sugar, agriculture, computer, defense, mining.

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Name of all bordering states Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, Idaho .

3 National Parks:

3 National Parks Cedar Breaks National Monument Zion National P ark Arches National Park

Natural Resources:

Natural Resources Oil, Fire, Forestry, Water Right, Gas State Parks, Geological survey, Mining


NUMBER OF COUNTIES. The number of counties in Utah. Beaver County, Box Elder County, Cache County, Carbon County, Daggett County, Davis County, Duchesne County, Emery County Garfield County, Tooele County, Uintah County, Wasatch County. Grand County Iron County, Juab County, Kane County, Millard County, Morgan County, Piute County, Rich County, Salt Lake County, San Juan County, Sanpete County, Sevier County, Summit County, Utah County . Washington County Wayne County Weber County Washington County Wayne County Weber County Washington County Wayne County Weber County Washington County, Wayne County, Weber County.

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Types of Jobs:

Types of Jobs Janitors, Nurses, Carpenters, Cashiers, Waiters, Waitresses

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Fun Facts Utah has the highest literary rate in motion The federal government owns 65% of the state’s land State symbol: The Beehive symbolizes thrift and industry.

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