Questions To Ask After Garage Door Service

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Questions To Ask After Garage Door Service Presented By : L S Garage Door

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Warranty Period In anything is unclear this is a good time to get it clarified. If you had a complete door installation there are more areas of coverage in question due to multiple components.

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Can I see The Old Parts As suggested by garage door service in Fullerton its good to trust but better to verify. Taking anyone for granted may backfire you.

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Lubricate And Maintain The Door Learn which parts need lubrication and with what substance. 40-weight motor oil is recommended. Once you know what and where lubrication is necessary you can do it yourself later for best results.

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Business Card With An E-Mail Address You may want a convenient way to express either approval or concerns about the door repair experience. Having a business card would make that easy and the person would want to network their service through a reference from you.

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Check The Remote Control Clicker Both the resident and the technician can hear the door and the opener motors sound together discern the condition of the garage door opener and also the responsiveness of the clicker. If the clicker is going bad you may be able to replace it for little or no cost.

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