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How to make burglar-proof doors in your homes Is your home entry a cake walk for burglars Your entry door which looks robust enough to keep thieves at bay might be vulnerable. Undoubtedly we try our best to go the extra mile to keep our families safe at home but how do we do that Of course by installing robust doors locks alarms and surveillance cameras we ensure safety. You must have heard about a famous quote “Work smarter than harder”. No we are not talking about career or education here but about your home security. We tend to flood our home entry door with infinite normal locks only paving the way for invaders to intrude. The real smartness lies in not doing unnecessary things but doing a little but enough because a pinch of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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Let’s shed some light on a few of the imperative solutions to upgrade your home security. 1. Opt for a Rock Solid Door Going by the recent statistics more than 34 of the intruders intrude through front doors. I should not miss saying that installing a robust front door is an overlooked feature which elevates the chances of intrusion. Doors safeguard homes and buddy how can we shrug off this naked truth. Go for reinforced steel doors and make sure to maintain those carefully as they are little prone to rust. Other solid options include solid wood door fiberglass or metal doors. 2. Plant Peephole Door Cameras A normal peephole does not provide enough viewing. Replace your old peephole with advanced peephole door camera. Why It provides a much broad field of vision to keep strangers and intruders at bay. In

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addition to this no one will know that you have planted a video cam in it so they can be caught hiding from the peephole view. 3. Install a superior deadbolt lock Do you have it already Good If not let me warn you you are making a huge compromise with your home security where your loved ones stay. Get a good exit-only deadbolt lock and make sure it fully extends into the doorframe.

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4. Augment existing door locks Needless to say that it is critical to reinforce all your existing door locks to prevent unlawful entry attempt by burglars. Install cylinder guards around the door locks to prevent strangers from breaking them loose. Assisting the locks with solid metal strike plates augments the security in the event of an attack. 5. Summing up Home security is a matter of investment of time money and vitality but the protection it brings is unparalleled. Ask your locksmith to provide you with robust locks as being provided by Locksmith Orlando because you are well aware of the consequences of using feeble locks. Home security weighs more than all other things. Source: https://www.123articleonline.com/articles/1126165/how-to- make-burglar-proof-doors-in-your-homes

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