How Can You Enhance CPU Fan Speed for Lenovo Laptop


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Learn How Can You Enhance CPU Fan Speed for Lenovo Laptop


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How Can You Enhance CPU Fan Speed for Lenovo Laptop:

How Can You Enhance CPU Fan Speed for Lenovo Laptop

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Lenovo laptops are particularly famous for their seamless as well as cutting-edge design and modern outlook. To keep your device more durable and seamless in performance, you need to get rid of heating problem with it.

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Heating problem is a common concern for most of the users. To get rid of the heating problems, you can try a few things. The most effective attempt of managing heating problem with your device is enhancing CPU fan speed.

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Is it possible at all to enhance the speed of this component? Well, it is possible and a step by step guidance is provided in the following section. Apart from that, you can also call Lenovo technical support ireland to know more.

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1- As soon as you turn your computer on, you have to turn on your internet connection. Once you have turned on internet, you need to search for the latest BIOS update for your computer. Download this update and then install it. After installation, shut down computer and start it again after a few minutes.

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3- At this page, select “ System Monitor ” option. As soon as you have done that, you need to access “Fan Control” option and thereafter you need to choose “ CPU Fan Speed Control ”.

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4- By default, you shall find that control option is set to “ automatic ”. You should hit on that and change it to “ manual ”. Now, you have to type percentage at which you want the CPU component to operate. Example: if you type 100, fan shall operate at 100% speed.

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5- At the upper right corner of keyboard, you can find “ F10 ” button. Hit that button on keyboard and then restart your Lenovo laptop.

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When you start it again, you shall note that CPU fan is running at higher speed. This will help the device to stay cool, despite you use it for a long time without giving rest. Generally, devices heat up when multiple tasks are performed.

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Enhanced fan speed will prevent such heating issues. Call Lenovo customer service Ireland by dialing our toll-free number +353-768887727 to attain better guidance from experts . Source

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