How To Resolve No Sound Issue In Lenovo laptops


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Learn How To Resolve No Sound Issue In Lenovo laptops


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How To Resolve No Sound Issue In Lenovo laptops:

How To Resolve No Sound Issue In Lenovo laptops

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Lenovo users come across no sound issue with their laptops and if you are one of those then you can follow these given steps offered by technical support Ireland team.

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Directions to follow : The very first thing you need to make sure to check if mistakenly you pressed the Mute key on your laptop. You have to check its volume control by clicking on a sound icon on your system tray and make sure you don’t find any red circle with a cross going through it. You can raise its volume if you find it on low mode.

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You need to check volume in the application where you find a lot or programs that have their own volume control if you are watching any video you need to raise its volume bar in the player . If you still find that sound is not functional on your device then might be possible there is some other issue. Not to worry, move on to a second process. Lenovo support Ireland Team explains you a complete procedure to sort out this issue on your device.

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Might be possible Driver is the culprit- Many times driver is a main cause of this problem. You may need to uninstall and install the sound driver on your laptop or might be possible it just needs an update.

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Try few tips before we move on : Connect your headphones or speakers in audio jack and check cautiously the ports are connected with its speakers or headphones and see if it works or not. In case, it doesn’t then configure your speaker properties.

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1- First, navigate to speaker icon in your system and right click on it and there you have to press on “ Playback devices ”.

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2. Right-click on a blank space and there you have to choose “ Show Disabled Devices ”, you have to choose speakers and then you have to click on “ Set Default ” button.

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3. In case, it getting disabled then right click on speakers and you have to press on “ Enable ” and finally click “ OK ”. 4. Under a Playback tab, you have to double-click on speakers that you will find selected by default in order to open its properties.

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5. Now you have to navigate to “ Advanced Tab ” under speaker properties and you need to change but rate to either 24bit/44100 HZ or 24 bit/192000 Hz depends on your speaker configuration.

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6. Now you have to click on Apply and then press on “ OK ” in order to save the changes you have made and then check if the sound plays on your laptop.

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Process: 3 update sound driver on your Lenovo laptop 1- First , go to “ My Computer ” then right click on it and go to manage and then press on device manager.

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2- You’ll find “ Sound and Multimedia ”, then click on it and then click on update driver on choose online update that will help you in downloading the driver and you’ll listen the sound.

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3- You have to un-install then install the sound driver from Lenovo website. Once you do so, restart your laptop and connect headphone or any external speaker to this audio jack and check if the sound comes?

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4- If you don’t hear any sound then press “ Windows key + R ” together and this way Run command appears on the screen there you have to type services.msc and click “ OK ”.

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(I)- Now you have to click on Windows audio and restart your services if stop and reboot your laptop and check if the sound works.

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(ii)- In case, no then might be possible there is an issue with sound driver version or Windows upgrade issue. You can set your window on a back date which can be a problem solver.

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Try these steps; hopefully, these steps will work for you. In case, not then make a call on Lenovo customer support number +353-768887727 . Source

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