Vestibular rehabilitation exercises

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Vestibular rehabilitation exercises | Vestibular rehabilitation | Vestibular therapy Vestibular Rehabilitation at Care2Cure Vestibular Rehabilitation is a technique which is totally based on the exercise. It is used  for the treatment of dizziness and balance problems. After careful assessment and  identification of the factors triggering the dizziness we carry some appropriate techniques  to reduce the current symptoms and design an exercise program for the patients. HOW IT WORKS This technique is based on the exercise regime which is dependent on the rationale that  repeated exposure decreases the nervous system’s sensitivity to the stimuli. It can help  with a variety of Vestibular problems like positional vertigo and unilateral or bilateral  vestibular hypofunction. If you are facing the same problem then contact us. BENEFITS  It helps in Vertigo  It helps in Dizziness  It helps in Light headedness  It aids in Blurred vision  It aids in Disequilibrium  It cures the disorder of changing direction to one side when walking  It prevents Falls  It cures Motion sensitivity Vestibular rehabilitation |Vestibular rehabilitation exercises | Vestibular therapy

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It is also called Temporomandibular joint TMJ. It is a disorder of the jaw muscles and  nerves caused by the injury to the temporomandibular joint. This joint is the connection  between the jawbone and the skull. Whenever you chew crack or pop you suffer a great  pain in this joint. HOW IT WORKS We perform the following techniques:  We perform some jaw exercises to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility.  We perform the heat therapy to improve blood circulation in the jaw.  We perform the ice therapy to reduce swelling and relieve pain.  We provide a good quality massage to relieve overall muscle tension.  We provide training to improve posture and correct jaw alignment. TMJ dysfunction | TMJ surgery | TMJ specialist Professional massage therapist | Massage therapy barrhaven | Barrhaven massage therapy

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Care 2 Cure Rehabilitation Centre is located in Nepean Ottawa. Massage at Care 2 Cure is performed using various medicated oils which is gently rubbed on the body in certain ways that help remove toxins and negativities from the body. All our massage therapists are vetted licensed and insured. Enjoy peace of mind at Care 2 Cure HOW DOES IT HELP Physical injuries like slip disc low back pain neck pain ligament sports injury sprain etc require a special massage therapy which needs immediate and permanent cure. Care 2 Cure uses physiotherapy in such cases which is accompanied along with massage therapy. By adopting this therapy you can get a relief from all your diseases disorders and pains. We at Care 2 Cure always promote wellness and consider health as a priority. BENEFITS  It relieves stress  It encourages relaxation  It improves circulation  It normalizes the blood pressure  It relaxes the muscles  It improves flexibility and motion  It increases immunity Massage therapy barrhaven | Professional massage therapist | Barrhaven massage therapy htps:// E-Mail: Tel: 613-695-7733