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Consider a great alternative to cash, maintain a virtual wallet and conduct all your financial transactions including host to host fund transfer integration at We help you save your time and money by giving you access to payment solutions anywhere possible. Visit our website for more


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Host to host fund transfer Do you hold multiple accounts in different banks? Then you might be having  n  numbers of debit or credit cards. Do you carry them with you always? Have you ever felt that if there would be just one card for all your accounts then it would have been a lot easier? If you are searching for one card that could serve all your purposes, then you are at the right place. 

How can a host to host fund transfer be helpful For a customer ? :

How can a host to host fund transfer be helpful For a customer ? Today shopping is mostly done online and people go less to retail stores on the streets.  While making payments, as a customer you have the option to pay with a debit or credit card.  You can also use an e-wallet fund transfer facility. But what you need to face is a lot of processing when you are paying with your bank’s debit or credit card.  But having one prepaid virtual card which gives host to host fund transfer facilities can make your payments a lot easy. Once you recharge your prepaid card, you job is done.

For a Business Owner ? :

For a Business Owner ? I can understand the tremendous pressure you might live in daily. You need to look after all your business transactions, ordering materials, making payments, bidding tenders and so on. For all this transactions, you might use a lot of mediums.  The most might be the card transactions i.e. either debit or credit. Sometimes you go with check payments when you are running low on funds and are waiting for the client to make a payment.  Hey, let me tell you, here is the direct solution to all your problems. Get a prepaid virtual card with host to host fund transfer facilities and make your transaction easier than ever. 


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