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Earthquakes Safety/Preparedness : 

Earthquakes Safety/Preparedness By: Maricar Tamayo

Just a short introduction: : 

Just a short introduction: Earthquake or no earthquake at all, you should always have a plan made up for example where to go when the earthquake is happening, what to pack for after the earthquake and where to go just in case you get hurt .

Make a plan! : 

Make a plan! It’s just like planning out a party but a little dim. You should plan out recovery phone numbers (hospitals and such), probably an insurance number for home/building damage, plan out food and also plan out some clothes and other important necessities.

First aid kits: : 

First aid kits: Always have a first aid kit. Make it be somewhere easy to get and someplace safe from earthquakes. Kit should include bandages, rubbing alcohol, and other necessities.

What you’ll need in your safety kit: : 

What you’ll need in your safety kit: Fire extinguisher Food Extra clothes Some money Water Flashlights Batteries A portable battery radio Whistle

Duck and cover! : 

Duck and cover! When an earthquake is going on, it’s like a tornado is going on. You go under a table or something stable that covers your head/body and you duck and cover.

After an earthquake: : 

After an earthquake: If a lot of damage has been done, call your recovery number or a hospital. You should also report the damage to your governor. Also, check out the damage of your home like the gas and water. If there is gas and water damage in your home, DO NOT FIX IT YOURSELF. Call a specialist.

Earthquake while at school? : 

Earthquake while at school? Simple, go somewhere safe. But you always have to go under something like a table of desk if you want to be alive. Safety kits needed are like the ones at home.

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