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Get Physiotherapy Doctor advice on treatment for neck pain in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, causes, possible dangers signals associated with pain like cervical disc disease & know different option of treatment like Physiotherapy etc.You can find neck pain specialist and Doctor at near to your location.For more information call us at 9063696969.


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Neck Pain: Some Remedies To Treat It One of the most common types of pains in the general public is neck pain. At any given time a majority of the population suffers from neck pain. 50 of people suffer from chronic neck pain. When pain lasts for more than six months it is called chronic pain and one of the most significant causes of neck pain is the use of a big pillow in nigh during the sleeping hours. Thus one should avoid taking big pillows at night during sleep as they are a prevalent cause of getting neck pains. Most people who suffer from neck pain treatment complain it to be a persistent pain. The pain can be a stabbing pain or a burning pain depending on case to case. One also complains the painful area as sensitive to touch the area where pain increases at the touch by hand. A mild pressure seems to hurt more than usual. As a result of neck pain sometimes the pain travels to the head or the shoulders. Headache can also result in chronic neck pain.