Cashgate Scandal Malawi: Create Your Style In 1 Week

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Cashgate Scandal Malawi has the power to transform the winner’s career and both the Man Booker Prize and Man Booker International are sponsored by Man Group. Man Group was recognised as a partner who mirrored the quality, integrity and longevity of the Booker Prize. The prize underscores Man Group's charitable focus on literacy and education as well as the firm’s commitment to excellence and entrepreneurship.


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- - - How to develop your personal style in 1 week Italian E-Learning Fashion School Milan - Italy

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- - - Day 1 Find out pros and cons of your body. Look at you in a mirror and fill the table: Italian E-Learning Fashion School Milan - Italy characteristics Put “+” if it’s right your bust and hips are about the same size and waist is quite thinner your height is medium 157 cm or tall your forearms are thin or a little bit plum your wrists are thin and nice your legs are slim your belly is stiff your face is oval shape you don’t have double chin your neck is thin your hair is shiny and has healthy look

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- - - Day 2 Yesterday you put “+” on that characteristics which you have. Now find out which clothes in your wardrobe help you to hide all characteristics without “+” All problem areas of your body should be covered by dark clothes and advantages should be covered by colourful ones. Italian E-Learning Fashion School Milan - Italy Big bust and small hips if the bust is bigger than hips we should make it proportional visually. That’s why the girl is wearing pants with prints Small bust and big hips If the hips are big we can cover it by black skirt. It will hide its’ width

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- - - Write down in the table which clothes will underline your best advantages and which clothes will hide your disadvantages Italian E-Learning Fashion School Milan - Italy characteristics how to hide it if it’s a disadvantage how to underline it if it’s an advantage

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- - - Italian E-Learning Fashion School Milan - Italy Get know if you have a Fashion- sence Take free quiz is here

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- - - Day 3-4 Take a camera and go to the big Mall and choose one of the biggest boutique e.g. Zara HM etc. Choose that clothes which you like but have never worn Make minimum 4 complete outfits of these clothes Put on only full combination of outfit t-shirt jacket trousers shoes bag and accessories Than go to a fitting-room and take a photo of each outfit on yourself. Leave the Mall and don’t buy anything Italian E-Learning Fashion School Milan - Italy

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- - - Day 5 Now you have photos. Take each photo by turn and answer on these questions: Am I happy with these outfits Do they inspire me Does this style differ form mine Will this style make me fill comfortable Does this style appropriate for my age All outfits which will be answered “Yes” will become your new image If you answered “no” on 2 or more questions than return to Day 3-4 Italian E-Learning Fashion School Milan - Italy

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- - - Day 6 That’s it You have a new style. But you should know how to combine clothes and colours. If you’ve never studied it you have 2 ways: 1. Study it. For example in our Italian E-Learning Fashion School During study you will get a profession of a Personal Stylist and Image consultant and you will become a personal stylist You will fnd out your personal style and create fashion wardrobe You will be able to create fashion style and develop image based on Italian techniques for almost everyone You will begin to understand fashion and fashion tendencies combination of styles and matching colours. Your look will be more sophisticated and fashionable Upon completing the course you will get certifcate which proves your   skills and knowledges like Personal Stylist Image Consultant Italian E-Learning Fashion School Milan - Italy

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- - - 2. Not the most correct way but the easiest: Take as an example for you style a style icon. Big group of specialists and image consultants stand on celebrities’ back who work at their outfts thoroughly. They are in touch with all fashion trends. That’s why you can take something from celebrities’ images to yourself. Italian E-Learning Fashion School Milan - Italy Blake Lively’s style

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- - - Day 7 Italian E-Learning Fashion School Milan - Italy Now you have 5-7 outfits of style icon. Write down of those things which you could use in your new image and which you don’t have in your wardrobe. Than you will need to buy these things. Don’t enter to boutiques without that list of needed things You will have a chance to buy things from your old style

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- - - If you would like be stylish and change your image we invite you to study in Italian E-Learning Fashion School You can get a new profession of a Personal StylistImage consultant. The Course for beginners is intended for people with no any previous education in Fashion and Style or those with no any work experience in the Fashion sphere. Get more information here: Italian E-Learning Fashion School Milan - Italy

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- - - Would you like to receive more lessons about style Download a free lesson from Italian fashion experts here --- Italian E-Learning Fashion School Milan - Italy