Customer Relationship Managment


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Alisha Payton In the Hospitality Industry C USTOMER R ELATIONSHIP M ANAGEMENT

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The Westin Hotel . . . circa 1995

What is CRM?:

What is CRM? Evolution of database marketing of the 1980’s Immobile customer data managed by Data mobilized to be interchangeable amo


Quality management tool to improve customer relationships Optimizes customer relationships by¹ Reducing costs Increasing profitability Solidifying customer loyalty ¹, 2002 What is CRM?

How does it work?:

How does it work? Database of customer information accessed by² Sales Operations Management Customer Support Accounting The customers themselves Which allows for ², 2002

How does it work?:

How does it work? Interconnected database of customer data available for all to Make projections of customer demands Develop & target marketing offerings Address complaints Maintain loyal satisfied customers

Types of CRM:

Types of CRM Operational Direct customer interaction Analytical Evaluation of customer interaction data Collaborative Enabling of various customer interaction channels


Examples Holiday Inn Marriott Starwood Hotels

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The Westin Hotel . . . ten years later

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The Westin Hotel . . . ten years later

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