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Are you looking for New company registration in Noida Mumbai Delhi Chennai or anywhere in India Then this article will help you understand everything about new company registration process. company registration in Noida New company registration New company registration process in India has the main motive of pro- viding maximum benefts to all legal entities. Post registration any legal entity is recognized and can utilize the benefts provided under any tax laws. New company registration process may be in form of Proprietor- ship Partnership One Person Company Limited liability Partnership or private limited company. Which form should you choose depends on the scale of your business. The features of these various categories of legal entities are also diferent.

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There are several advantages of Registering your business Few major points given as under: Limited Liability Protection One of the biggest advantage of a registered private limited company or limited liability partnership LLP or one person company is that it provides limited liability protection to its members. Therefore the promoters of the business would not be personally liable for liabilities of the business. Doing business always involves the risk of running into losses and having limited liability protection ensures that the entrepreneur can take risks without the fear of losing everything. Funding for the Business Any bank or fnancial institutions provide loan only to the registered entity. Therefore in order to get funds from either bank or any fnancial institution regis- tering your business is must. proprietorship frm or partnership frm for a business that has plans for syndicating equity funding would be a mistake as Bank provides this facility only to private companies or LLPs. Therefore it is highly recommended to reg- ister a business if there are plans for raising debt or equity funds in the name of the business. Easy Transferability Transferability or sharing of ownership of a busi- ness is a major hurdle in unregistered business entities. Proprietorships cannot be transferred as they are an extension of the proprietor and it is also hard to defne the assets belonging to an unregistered partnership frm. On the other hand in registered business entity like company or LLP the business is considered a separate legal en- tity with assets and liabilities that are distinct of its promoters. Hence transferring or sharing the ownership of a registered business is easy.

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Meeting Buyers Criteria Most large businesses that have a supplier selection criteria tend to prefer to do business with a registered business entity than an unregistered business entity. Therefore to meet vari- ous buyers criteria such as participation in tenders participa- tion in particular business events registering a business can make the business eligible .Further a registered business is always better than an unregistered business because of the legalities involved. There are several other benefits of having your business reg- istered as a company. We have helped several cases of com- pany registration in Noida Delhi Mumbai Chennai Bihar Pune and several parts of the country. We make new com- pany registration process easy quick and cost effective. Fill in your requirements on caonweb and start your legal entity today. +91 1204231116 Contact G45 First Floor Sector 6 City - Noida 201301 NOIDA OFFICE