How To Check Your Trademark Registration Status

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File for trademark registration in India and also track your trademark registration status easily through caonweb.


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How To Check Your Trademark Registration Status Trademark REGISTRATION is done according to government’s guideline in India. You need trademark registration for your product or service if you want to differentiate it from the rest sometimes when there are two similar products available in market how to you identify from which manufacturer it is made of. Whatever trademark you choose must be unique to your services and to your products and it must serve the purpose of differentiating your products or services from any other similar ones present on the market.

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Your trademark can be a word a sign a design a symbol or a combination of all these elements and it’s really up to you how you want to have it look. However what is the most important thing is that once you get your trademark registered then you don’t have to worry about any of your competitors poaching your customers. Or you have an option to file legal action if someone uses your trademark by any means or ways. In order to have the trademark application go as smoothly and as quickly as possible you need to listen to approach professionals or experts who are experienced in handling your application filing process. You are guided on rules and the documents that is needed and everything that you are curious about.

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Your application is filled by experts and during the whole process it is also possible to find out the trademark registration status. Caonweb experrts have helped many individual and businesses have trademark registration certificate. Once you complete your trademark registration the trademark is legally yours it means that you can file action against anyone using it without having your prior consent. This means that your competitors won’t be able to lure your customers over to their side by showing off your trademark and it means that you can start building your brand and building customer confidence regarding your brand. Brand system has been so popular that it has prompted theft of brand name by anyone anywhere and duplicity in product or services. In order to make your position strong it is better that your brand image or logo is very unique so that it is easy to identify if any theft is happening.

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Documents required for filing a Trade Mark registration procedure in India:  Trademark or logo copy  Applicant details like name address and nationality and for company: the state of incorporation  Goods or services to register  Date of first use of the trademark in India if used by you prior to applying.  Power of attorney to be signed by the applicant For More Information Visit Here :- Business Email Id:- Contact no:- 91 1204231116 Address:- NOIDA OFFICE G45 First FloorSector 6City - Noida 201301