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Top Reasons Why Permanent Resident Visa Applications get rejected.


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Top Reasons Why Permanent Resident Visa Applications get rejected Thousands of people feel dejected every year when their applications for permanent resident visa are rejected by Canadian embassies. There are scores of reasons behind these refusals but they do cause bitterness and disappointments among the people desirous of immigration to Canada . There are many options to choose from when it comes to moving to Canada but you need to remain careful to avoid the costly mistakes resulting in visa refusal.

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Misrepresentation of Facts This remains the biggest cause of refusal of visa applications. Even though many feel that applicants deliberately do it to hide or distort facts, misreading and misunderstanding the instructions while filling up the form results in misrepresentation of facts. Being careful while filling up the form can prevent misrepresentation of facts. Health conditions Many people find their applications rejected when they fail to pass the medical examination that is a must to get permanent resident visa. Hepatitis A and Diabetes are two diseases that result in refusal of many applications. You can escape refusal if you attach a report from a medical expert on your health condition.

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Criminal grounds Canadian authorities, to make sure that immigrants do not cause problems for the citizens of the country, carry out a background check of the applicants. If you are clean without a blot in your record, you have no problems on this count. But a criminal record from the past can pose serious issues if you want permanent residency in Canada. Not following deadlines CIC receives lots of applications for permanent resident visa. To keep the process quick and efficient, it has imposed deadlines upon applicants to submit different forms and applications. You can be refused visa if you miss on any of these deadlines. It is prudent to know about all such deadlines and follow them to avoid a visa refusal.

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Errors by CIC Though the process of receiving and processing of applications by CIC is straightforward and efficient, there are cases when officials make mistakes and refuse a visa on grounds that may be unjustified. You need to hire the services of an expert immigration attorney to study the grounds of refusal and present your case in a watertight manner. Not submitting documents It has been found that in many cases of refusal, applicants fail to attach all the documents required by the officials. Make a checklist of all important documents and make sure that you attach them all along with your application.

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Not fulfilling eligibility criteria There are dozens of programs under which you can apply for immigration to Canada. All these programs have their own eligibility requirements. Check your eligibility when applying for permanent resident visa under a program before applying. Canada Updates 698 Phase VI, Mohali , Chandigarh, India 160 055 Tel - 91-98724 34797