9-11 Anniversary

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Do you remember 9/11?

Slide 2:

when Twin Towers of international souls prayed to their personal God? Do you remember

Slide 3:

when strangers became family and embraced a broken dream? Do you remember

Slide 4:

when traffic moved in reverent kindness as drivers exchanged a shared sense of pain? Do you remember

Slide 5:

when the caring people of Hawaii walked along a distant, silent shore of grief? Do you remember

Slide 6:

when differences were put aside and the strength within us shined? Do you remember

Slide 7:

how you held your loved ones close? Do you remember

Slide 8:

Ten years – yet yesterday Where are we now?

Slide 9:

The years roll back the pain The years replace the time Where are we now?

Slide 10:

The anger sounds the feelings lost Where are we now?

Slide 11:

Do you remember 9/11?

Slide 12:

I pray to God you do

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