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Do you want to plan Outdoor Adventure Camp? Now connect with Camp Path Finder and avail adventurous and thrilling trip with your friends. For taking more info, visit our website now: http://www.camppathfinder.com/the-pathfinder-experience/programs-overview/winter-trips-to-pathfinder/


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Outdoor Adventure Camp:

Outdoor Adventure Camp Camp Path Finder

Outdoor Adventure Camp:

Outdoor Adventure Camp Camp Pathfinder is not limited to Outdoor Adventure Camp in Algonquin, but also have co-ed camps in the area. Camp Tamakwa and Camp Arowhorn being a few names. However, Camp Pathfinder remains unique in the area. For more than 100 years, our unique nature-based approach to adventure, learning, and play has created lasting summer memories for our campers. Get outdoors and discover what’s inside!

Adventure Summer Camp:

Adventure Summer Camp If one wants to get the best experience in Adventure Summer Camp , then Camp Pathfinder is the best choice. With a spectacular north woods setting, the camps are full of adventure on a 17- acre island. This gives a precious opportunity to especially city-dwelling kids to unplug and unwind. In our wilderness, we are known for our canoe tripping program, which we follow by the tradition of using the wood and canvas canoes.

Boys Camp:

Boys Camp Camp Pathfinder is a famous boys Camp for Young Men from age groups 7 years to 21 years which began in 1914.It is located in Pathfinder Island within Algonquin Park, Ontario. Hosting campers from around the world, Camp Pathfinder’s goal is to provide world class facilities and activities at affordable prices. They have 75 members on board who ensure that they continue as one of the best summer camp in Canada.

Overnight Summer Camp:

Overnight Summer Camp Tradition plays a major role in the history of Camp Pathfinder. Whether a camper is a third or fourth generation Camp Pathfinder or one whose family just recently discovered the camp, all campers are caught up with a sense of belonging to an organization with a long history of excellence. When you come on board at Camp Pathfinder, you join a family of friends who will be there with you and for you now and always!

Contact Us:

Contact Us Camp Path Finder [email protected] Winter 35 Park Lane Rochester, NY 14625 USA Phone/Fax (585) 249-0716 Summer Source Lake, Algonquin Park PO Box 10006 Huntsville, ON P1H 2H1 Canada Phone (705) 633-5553 Fax (705) 633-5500 http://www.camppathfinder.com/