How to Keep Your Cat Happy

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A Monhagen Vet Hospital in Hudson Valley, New York, shares some tips on how to keep your lovely pet happy.


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Basics First and foremost ensure that Fluffy is eating nutritious high-quality food. Choose a brand that is suitable for your cats age and way of life. Fresh water and a clean litterbox are also essential for your kitty companion. Veterinary treatment is also essential. Comforts Cats enjoy relaxing and reclining and they appreciate having a variety of warm napping locations to select from. Set up a slew of beds for your snoozing pet Small kitten comforts can also help a lot. Leave a light on for Fluffy if youll be out after dark. Pet steps and litterboxes with low sides are ideal for older cats. Entertainment Fluffy clearly prefers to do as little as possible. Even the most sedentary cats require some type of entertainment. Make sure your cat has plenty of toys. Give your feline companion a range of foods to try and see what she prefers. Window seas pet furniture and of course playing are all favoured sources of kitty enjoyment. Love Fluffy deserves a lot of your attention While some cats are naturally cuddlier than others even the most aloof cats appreciate being petted and talked to. September is National Cat Health and Happiness Month Kittens are recognised for being extremely easy to care for. Filling Fluffys bowl and changing her litterbox on the other hand isnt nearly enough to keep her motor running. Cats are very emotional creatures who require love to be completely content. They also want to be spoiled a little... or a lot. A veterinarian in Hudson Valley New York shares some tips on how to keep your lovely pet happy. How to Keep Your Cat Happy As your Hudson Valley NY animal clinic MONHAGEN VETERINARY HOSPITAL are dedicated to helping you keep your pet happy healthy and safe. Please feel free to contact us anytime | 845 342-1091

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