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Calvella A Brief overview of Sales & Marketing


What is Sales?


Sales is the team whose job is to “sell what’s in stock”. The company has specific products or services and—and it's up to Sales to sell those things.


Sales develop relationships with customers and/or channel partners. They knock down the doors, overcome objections, negotiate prices and terms and often work internally to be sure their customer’s orders are filled.


What is Marketing?


A key job of Marketing is to understand the marketplace from the perspective of the customer looking back towards the company and helping lead the company where it should be in the future.


Marketing’s job is to direct the organization toward the segments, or groups of customers and channels where the company can profitably compete .


It should help the organization see how it needs to modify its product offerings, pricing, and communication so that it meets the needs of the distribution channel or end customers .


Marketing also needs to convert the market understanding into tools and tactics to attract the market, build (often digital) relationships, and develop leads. Without Sales, Marketing efforts run short .


Marketing directs Sales as to where they should be hunting and what ammo to use. Note, however, that if Marketing becomes a sales support function focused only on the now, the future can become lost.


Without Marketing, Sales Suffers


Not even the best stalker can bring home dinner if they are shooting blanks at decoys. Markets are constantly changing.


The job of marketing is to stay ahead of the changes and help the stalkers see where they should be stalking and provide them with the right ammunition.


If Marketing is only focused on delivering the ammunition for today, nobody will see where the industry is moving or where the company needs to chase next.


This limits growth not only for Sales and Marketing but also for your entire organization.


Sales and Marketing Responsibilities


While sometimes grouped separately, sales and marketing functions overlap. Those businesses that recognize the critical areas of overlap may get more value out of their teams by combining efforts. After all, both sales and marketing have the same end goal: increasing sales.


Sales Responsibilities


A key sales function is following up with the leads generated by a marketing department . Follow up


Successful businesses usually develop a structured handoff process so that each marketing-qualified lead receives appropriate and timely follow-up from a sales team member.


The era of the “hard sell” continues to fade. Modern sales focus on relationship building to help create trust between a buyer and a seller. Relationship B uilding


Effective salespersons can understand the needs of the buyer and develop a persuasive—but not pushy—message to help differentiate the company’s product.


Most salespersons are judged by their ability to turn leads into customers. While some may envision a face-to-face meeting and handshake as the close of a sale, many businesses also close sales online or over the phone. Closing


Sales and marketing have responsibility for improving client retention. By checking in with an existing client, a sales team member can help demonstrate an interest in long-term client success, not just a one-time sale. Retention


The ongoing effort to build strong relationships can help improve retention and lead to “upsells”—additional sales beyond the initial purchase.


Marketing Responsibilities


An effort to build awareness of a product or service is the first step in the sales process. Awareness


A successful awareness-building effort may help a prospect recognize a brand or product name or may ensure a company makes the shortlist for purchasing consideration.


Engagement efforts build on an initial awareness campaign to deepen a consumer’s connection to a company or product. Engagement


Marketing materials aimed at engagement may be longer (e.g. a whitepaper or video) compared to a more superficial awareness piece (e.g. direct mailer or radio advertisement).


A conversion is the critical transition of a potential customer from an anonymous person to a known lead. Conversion


For marketing teams, a conversion may be the completion of a web form, the instigation of a webchat , or a phone call to a customer service line.


The Role of Technology


Today’s technology has a key role in sales and marketing. It also has a role in facilitating collaboration between the two business units .


A prominent example of sales and marketing technology is the customer relationship management (CRM) system. A CRM serves as a single resource will all client information.


This information can help sales teams better understand how a customer became a lead. For instance, a CRM may contain information about the source of a lead, such as a trade show or online ad.


From a marketing perspective, CRM can help track leads throughout the sales cycle.


Sales and Marketing Techniques


How do sales and marketing teams achieve their goals? The tactics vary based on the industry and company culture. They have also changed over time . These are some of the common sales and marketing techniques that form the core of each practice.


Sales Techniques


The idea of a “limited-time offer” is common in retail, but creating a sense of scarcity is a tactic used in many industries. Limiting The Opportunity


A limited opportunity may be limited by time (e.g. an offer good for this month only) or availability (e.g. the last pickup on the lot).


An effective salesperson can frame the benefits of a product or service regarding the needs of a client. This means understanding the day-to-day challenges a client faces and focusing on how a product can solve those issues. Focusing On Pain Points


An emphasis on pain points can also help build a relationship by showing a salesperson’s interest in a customer’s problem.


Marketing Techniques


Outbound marketing represents traditional “push” marketing. This includes television advertisements, direct mail flyers, and cold calling. Outbound Marketing


Outbound marketing tactics often are effective at generating broad awareness among a demographic.


Inbound marketing shifts marketing efforts from “push” to “pull.” The core idea behind inbound marketing is to draw potential customers in by creating marketing materials that help consumers. Inbound Marketing


Technology can help sales and marketing teams: Identify the most successful tactics. Make it easier for teams to align best practices.


How to Improve the Sales and Marketing?


The effort to improve the sales and marketing of an organisation is ongoing . However, it begins with an understanding of the role of each service so that a business can establish clear and reasonable goals.


Brand Strategy


Loyalty & Customer Experience


New Product and Service Development


Pricing Strategy


Channel Strategy


Marketing Strategy


Go-to-market And Commercial Organization


Customer Targeting And Value Proposition


Salesforce Effectiveness


Calvella We help our clients to achieve noticeable, high-impact results. We scrutinize the challenges in new ways to produce breakthrough insights and deliver new innovative solutions . We provide insights with impact for our clients using our unbiased, fact-based, rigorous approach to uncover business truths. Call us at “ +44 (0) 77991 33349 ”, we help you to make the best marketable strategy, asset and execution . For further information visit our website .


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