How to make a simple cake step by step

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How To Bake A Simple Cake Step By Step Any exciting occasion calls for a celebration and the one thing which is common in all parties is a cake. Most of us nowadays like to take time off and bake a cake at our home. Kids too like it and they take an active part on the creation. Here in this article we will look at how to bake a simple cake step by step. Pre-requisites The first step on baking a simple cake is the prerequisites. Grease and flour the containers you have considered for baking. A round square or any shape the pan maybe. Greasing with oil and putting the flour is the first step you should do. Now preheat the container so that it will become the perfect place to bake your delicious cake. Assemble the ingredients Different cakes require a different ingredient. While some requires melted chocolate some butter nuts a grating of lemon and so on. The idea is to put together and start the batter. After assembling all the ingredients mix it thoroughly so that your cake will taste the ingredients put and will be as delicious as you want to be. You would want to put the important ingredients like eggs sugar and butter as per your choice. Mix it thoroughly All the ingredients including chocolate milk eggs flour sugar and so on should be thoroughly stirred and mixed. A thoroughly mixed ingredient is the foundation of a better cake. The mixture should be smooth and uniform having all the types of ingredients in the right proportion. Batter in the pan The next step is putting the prepared batter in the pan. The way to keep the mixture also determines how the cake will form. You can batter between two cake pans. You can remove the air bubbles and also use a spatula to smoothen the layer before going for a bake. Baking the products The most important step is baking the cakes. Allot the time and temperature and start baking the cake. After the baking put the oven ideal for 10 minutes as it will facilitate the cooling. After the baking is over you can cool and start frosting the cake. Decorate the cake The last step after your cake is frost and ready is to add necessary topping and decorate the cake as per your requirement. The cake when decorated looks

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splendid. You can use cream chocolates and another topping to decorate and serve it. CakeFlix is a one-stop junction for many such amazing recipes for simple to extraordinary cakes. They have interactive online cake courses and live shows which will make you a cake expert and will effectively teach you HOW TO BAKE A SIMPLE CAKE STEP BY STEP at a very minimum.

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