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Modern ancient Asia : 

The past makes you understand the present Modern ancient Asia 2009-2010 Minor Asian Trade

How old is history : 

Minor Asian Trade 2009-2010 How old is history Australia? America? Europe? Asia? 1770! 1492! Appr. 100 bc.! Appr.2200bc.!

Although… : 

Minor Asian Trade 2009-2010 Although… Beijing Man Over 500,000 year ago Lived in caves Hunters Made tools from stone Could make fire!

And… : 

Minor Asian Trade 2009-2010 And… Jômon period in Japan 10,000 BC Clay vessels Patterns of rope Huge population increase Appr. 540 ac. IntroductionChinese script to Japan

And.. : 

Minor Asian Trade 2009-2010 And.. Korean pottery 8000 BC 1300 degrees Celadon technology Trade with China

And.. : 

Minor Asian Trade 2009-2010 And.. Indus Valley Civilization 3300 BC Urban development Town planning! Harappa and Mohenjodaro Sea faring Merchants to extensive trade up till China

And.. : 

Minor Asian Trade 2009-2010 And.. Start of Indonesian population 2000 BC People coming from Taiwan Srivijaya naval kingdom Hindu and Budist influences

Srivijaya : 

Srivijaya It’s empire in the 7th century Minor Asian Trade 2009-2010

And.. : 

Minor Asian Trade 2009-2010 And.. Wandering of people 1000 BC From South China to Thailand Sukhothai and Ayuttha Kingdom Threat from Khmers, Burma and Vietnam

And.. : 

Minor Asian Trade 2009-2010 And.. Vietnamese independence 938 AC From China Revolt led by two women (Trung Sisters) Now national symbol for Vietnamese women

Stages in China : 

Minor Asian Trade 2009-2010 Stages in China Xia dynasty Shang dynasty Early Zhou dynasty And so on 2200-1500 BC 1500-1100 BC 1100-771 BC

Don’t forget : 

Minor Asian Trade 2009-2010 Don’t forget Tang dynasty Ming dynasty Qing dynasty Republic in 1912 Fists of justice

Forbidden city : 

Forbidden city Minor Asian Trade 2009-2010

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Japan got script and Buddhism from China Korea developed trade with China and got Celadon from China Indian trade with China Early Indonesian inhabitants come from Chinese people moving to the archipelago Thai people come from Chinese leaving South China Vietnam was conquered by China Minor Asian Trade 2009-2010 China has beenrather trendsetting inAsian history

Asian history is more than: : 

Minor Asian Trade 2009-2010 Asian history is more than:

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2009-2010 Minor Asian Trade

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