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The Defense of effective & Culturally Relevant Education:

The Defense of effective & Culturally Relevant Education

A Tale of Success…:

A Tale of Success… “With over 50 percent of Latino students failing to graduate nationwide , Precious Knowledge walks the viewers through the relentless battle over several years by headstrong anti-ethnic-studies extremists in Arizona to outlaw Tucson's Mexican American Studies (MAS) program . Based in six Tucson high schools, the MAS program graduates 93 percent of its college-bound students”(Biggers, 2011). (Independent Television Service, 2012)

…Real Education…:

…Real Education… “With unprecedented access to the classroom , Precious Knowledge allows the viewer to understand the role of culturally-relevant material and critical pedagogy that challenge the student to read the word, and the world” (Biggers, 2011). (Independent Television Service, 2012)

…Community Action…:

…Community Action… “We meet students who emerge as their own advocates to not only defend their right to a decent education , but their very existence and cultural heritage”(Biggers, 2011). (Independent Television Service, 2012)


…Love “Far from any radical agenda, as Tucson Unified School District administrator Dr. Augustine Romero notes, the human portraits unfolding in Precious Knowledge deftly show the MAS program's emphasis on the "idea of love, and not only love for myself , but love for those around me ” (Biggers, 2011). (Independent Television Service, 2012)


Trailer (Dos Vatos Films, 2012)

HB 2281: The Law:

HB 2281: The Law “HB 2281 intends to push out “out-of-compliance” ethnic studies programs and under vague interpretations that label their educational content as “promoting resentment toward a class of people,” and “promoting the overthrow of the U.S. government.” As ridiculous as these claims seem, state legislators have designed HB 2281 to strip elected local school boards of their governing and decision-making powers.  This legislation empowers one man- Tom Horne- to seek out violations.  It permits him to impose severe fines on school districts that incorporate ethnic studies curriculums”(Save Ethnic Studies, 2012).

HB 2281: The Effect:

HB 2281: The Effect “[T]he MAS Department has been dismantled , the discipline thrashed and the curriculum banned (along with books , videos, art, posters and other teaching materials). On top of this, the teachers and students have been demonized , and slandered…The TUSD governing board , under the direction of the TUSD superintendent, rather than fight the unconstitutional HB 2281, buckled and ordered its suspension, and with it, ordered all MAS teaching materials out of the classrooms ”(Rodriguez, 2012) ( Alcaraz , 2012)

Colorado’s Response :

Colorado’s Response Community Screenings of Precious Knowledge & Fundraisers to benefit Ethnic Studies in Tucson Main Event: Café Cultura on Friday, April 13 th at 6:30pm…Su Teatro (721 Santa Fe) Statement of Purpose: We are a diverse collective standing together in solidarity with the students and educators in Tucson, Arizona in order to promote culturally relevant education and defend the community from racist attacks.

How You Can Get Involved?:

How You Can Get Involved? Show this presentation and trailer to larger audience Organize a screening of Precious Knowledge in a class, assembly, and/or after-school event. Attend the fundraiser on Friday, April 13 th at Su Teatro (721 Santa Fe Dr) at 6:30pm Visit for more information and resources To borrow a copy of the film: [email protected] ; 720-394-6589


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