How to become Fed Ex Independent Contractors

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© 2020 Buyers Market Inc. All Rights Reserved. How to become Fed Ex Independent Contractors FedEx business offers mainly two types of opportunities for Fed Ex Independent Contractors. One is Custom Critical operators and Ground Independent Operators. Custom Critical operators are owner-operators who are responsible for delivering critical or sensitive packages 24 hours a day. They can travel across the lower 48 states and they can be on the road for up to 10 days at a time. Ground Independent Operators are those who provide pickup and delivery home delivery or linehaul services. The requirements of FedEx independent contractors vary according to the type of operators you are: To Become a FedEx Independent Contractors FedEx Ground only contracts with the individuals and businesses established those are under the state law as a corporation and are registered and in good standing in the states where they do business. The laws for the FedEx business registration as a corporation vary state by state but for a small business you can register with the U.S. Small Business Administration. FedEx Business also treats the employees as the personnel who provide driving services. Before receipt of a service area the independent contractors and companies which have more than one driver must have to submit a Request for Information Response to FedEx. That must cover a contractors background and customer service approach safety commitment and history security and delivery contingency plans. Companies which have more than one driver also must have to provide information about how skilled and knowledgeable its workforce is and how the company recruits and retains drivers. Owner Operators Owner-operators of small and large straight trucks between 14 and 22 feet cargo vans and tractor-trailers may contract with FedEx to provide doorstep delivery service with its Custom Critical Division. And it is also mandatory you don’t have more than three moving violations within the last 3 years before applying for this post and also not have 1 moving violation within the prior 12 months. You have to pass a Department of Transportation physical and drug test. It is also mandatory you have a proper class commercial drivers license. CDL Commercial Drivers License requirements vary state by state. For example in Washington you have completed a training program and pass a CDL test while in Minnesota now you dont need to have to do a training program but you need to pass a CDL test. But you also have to meet the requirements which are based on the size and type of your vehicle.

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© 2020 Buyers Market Inc. All Rights Reserved. If you are a cargo van owner you must have a Class C or higher CDL and hazardous materials support. Small or large straight truck owners have an unrestricted Class B or Class A CDL. And the owners of tractor-trailers to have an unrestricted Class A CDL with a minimum six months of verifiable tractor commercial driving experience in the last 2 years before the application date. And also have a minimum of one year of such experience within five years of applying. Drivers must be able to cross into Canada unrestricted. So if you are thinking about becoming one of the FedEx Independent Contractors you can contact us for guidance. Our team would love to give the answers to your queries.

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