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Extensions in Reading for grades 2 & 3 : 

Extensions in Reading for grades 2 & 3 June 10, 2010 Samantha Burchfield

Differentiation Basics : 

Differentiation Basics CONTENT – extend content material in breadth or depth PROCESS – extend options for how students learn or apply concepts PRODUCT – extend the options of how students show mastery of content

Bloom’s Taxonomy : 

Bloom’s Taxonomy Offer choices and projects that require higher order thinking skills (HOTS)

Vocabulary Extensions : 

Vocabulary Extensions Analogy games and puzzles Free Rice

Poetry Extensions : 

Poetry Extensions Side by Side Poetry “Swift Things Are Beautiful” by Elizabeth Coatsworth “What is Gold?” by Mary O’Neill “Sound of Fire” by Mary O’Neill “The Prayer of the Little Ducks” by Carmen Bernose de Gasztold Found Poems Poetry Search Poems for Two Voices

Research Extensions : 

Research Extensions Ways to Present or Organize Information Alliterative Paragraph If . . . Then Story Center Ideas


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