Best Fit Muzzle - Custom Made for Your Dog

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If you are looking for best fit muzzle, then you have come to the right place. best fit muzzle you find here can provide great comfort for your dog on the use.


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Best Fit Muzzle Custom Made for Your Dog

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There's no too short, too long or too tiny with BUMAS - the perfect fitting muzzle styled to your personal preferences and your dog's needs! There are many reasons for of buying BUMAS like friendly-looking, comfortable and perfect fit. WHY MUZZLE?

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PERFECT FIT COMFORTABLE HIGH-TECH MATERIAL HYGIENE EASY CLEANING Safety, comfort and style We are convinced to have developed the perfect dog muzzle for every "snout". Due to its colorful and friendly design, its comfortable and ergonomic fit with innovative materials like BioThane ® from the U.S. Advantages of BUMAS muzzles

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ANIMAL WELFARE CERTIFICATE BUMAS is the only muzzle supplier that has received this certificate.

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Contact Website - Phone - +43 2626 2002555

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