Top 10 DIY Tools Your Should Have In Your Aresenal

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Doing your own home improvement and minor repairs has become popular for people to save time and money. When small repairs are done early, they don't become expensive problems. Also, the value of your home goes up when it is in top working order.


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Top 10 DIY Tools Your Should Have In Your Arsenal Doing your own home improvement and minor repairs has become popular for people to save time and money. When small repairs are done early they dont become expensive problems. Also the value of your home goes up when it is in top working order. Your home is your castle and with some do-it-yourself ingenuity you can renovate your home with surprising creativity. All you need is the right DIY tools and some inspiration to get you started. Here are the top 10 do-it-yourself DIY tools come in handy for both repairs and decorating tasks. 1. Cordless Drill The cordless drill can drill holes into almost any surface. What makes it all encompassing is its ability to double up as a screwdriver. Its speed setting means you can go at your own pace when using it and this can help with safety in terms of its weight being at the right level you want. These like other power tools are easy to use and have rechargeable batteries. 2. Hammer The hammer is an integral DIY tool. It is used for furniture repairs for hammering in nails where some may have come loose or to make sure something is secure. A heavier hammer can contribute to dismantling and making holes in walls. 3. Petrol Chainsaw This is hand held and portable powered by petrol and like the petrol hedge trimmer can work in any condition. They are most specifically used for trees and can free up space in your garden. This can come under power tools and garden tools. 4. The work bench Manual work is carried out on these. These can cater to many DIY needs such as woodwork metal work gardening and multipurpose. They are sometimes known as workmates especially by DIY enthusiasts.

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5. Petrol Hedge Trimmer Petrol hedge trimmers keep your garden in shape and preserve the quality of the hedge. Over the past few years they have become more popular they are available for any day as with electric ones you have to bank on it being a dry day - petrol hedge trimmers can work in any condition. 6. Lawnmower A great garden tool. There are different types - Cylinder lawnmowers are best for producing stripes on your lawn. Rotary lawnmowers are the cheaper tool and use a rotating blade to cut grass. Hover lawnmowers allow you to move backwards and forwards and control your own lawn cutting. 7. Laser levels Creates laser beams to help put up pictures straight and straighten out anything you want with high accuracy. These are mainly used for height adjustment. There are two main forms of laser level. The tripod can be used both inside and outside. This laser level can be adjusted for the users own satisfaction. Hand held lasers are easier to use. As it is digital it is quick and precise in terms of measurements.

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8. Screws They hold anything down. Screws range from board screws for wood exterior screws for decking or use on fences masonry screws which cut into bricks concrete or hard surfaces security screws almost permanent for doors and locks and self-tapping screws used for joining pieces of metal. There are screws for any job. 9. Screwdriver For screws to work a screwdriver is needed. Household repairs will require in line power screwdrivers. Drywall screwdrivers can operate at any speed. Cordless screwdrivers drive screws into walls and mainly wooden surfaces. This is also used by rechargeable batteries and gets the job done straight away. 10. Safety equipment These includes anti dust masks which prevent dust and debris getting into eyes. Ear protectors would also be needed when using particularly loud DIY equipment. Gloves are used when handling dangerous machinery and if carrying glass and metal they are needed as a precautionary measure. Goggles help protect eyes from dust particles and dangerous debris moulded lenses offer extra protection. Safety boots with a steel toe cap can protect you dropping heavy objects on your foot. These top 10 DIY tools are all you need when working in the house or in the garden but if you still need any professional help related to plumbing roofing restoration clean up renovation or new construction please feel free to contact Build Masters LC today Build Masters is a full service General Contractor Roofing Plumbing and Restoration Contractors with over 100 years combined experience specializing in clean up and reconstruction following all types of natural and manmade disasters. Build Masters LC is fully licensed insured certified and capable of being bonded. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau American Institute of Architects II CRC Certified and LEED Green Associate. For more details FREE inspection and obligation free quote call us now at 561-757-6587 954-333- 8512 or browse our official website

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