Reasons Behind Failure of a Music Artist

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Becoming a famous artist is not a very difficult thing. However, we should not commit few mistakes. Take a look on those mistakes that an artist commit unknowingly.


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Ten Serious Mistakes That Music Artists Make Unknowingly

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Mistake# 10 Fail To Generate Merchandising Opportunities


Mistake# 9: Do Not Differentiate Themselves, Follow the Same Trend

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Mistake # 8 Make A Show Reel Before They are Prepared

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Mistake # 7 Making a Follow-up Show Reel After Unsuccessful to Exploit the first one

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Mistake# 6 No Effective Use of Online Media

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Not Identifying the Target Audience for Their Music Genre Mistake# 5

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Not Nourishing Their Live Performance or Stage Show Skills Mistake# 4

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Not Formulating Forth Marketing Plan Mistake# 3

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Mistake# 2 Thinking Business Fun and Cool, not Serious

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Mistake# 1:Not Understanding the Basic of Music Business

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