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Most of the dentists recommend Secure Denture Adhesive Products. They are made from food grade ingredients. They are 100% zinc free and doesn't contain any artificial colours.


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Secure Denture Adhesive Products - Recommended by Most Dentists - Made with only food grade ingredients - 100 Zinc free contains no artificial flavors

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Secure Anti-Plaque Cleansing Tablets - Helpful for plaque removal - Kills Bacteria - Kills Germs - Removes Stains - Cleans and Freshens Dentures

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Secure Sensitive Denture Adhesive - Great 12-hour hold as Secure regular - Neutral taste and contains Aloe Vera Myrrh - Best for gum irritation problem - Prevents dentures from rubbing against gums - Give extra comfort for your gums

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Secure Denture Adhesive Cushion Strips - Secure Lower Denture Cushions Strips Provides "Extraordinary Hold" Especially Designed For Lower Dentures - Do not use with soft lining denture.

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Contact Us Email m Customer Service 1-888-757-0808 Monday - Friday 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time Mailing Address: Secure Customer Service 6 Grandinetti Drive Ghent NY 12075 - USA Order Now:

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