Solar Eclipse 2020


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The upcoming solar eclipse on December 14, 2020, will attract a lot of visitors from all over the world. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon partially obscures the Sun’s image for a viewer on the Earth and casts the “umbra” bypassing between both.


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Solar Eclipse 2020:

Solar Eclipse 2020


The upcoming solar eclipse on December 14, 2020, will attract a lot of visitors from all over the world. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon partially obscures the Sun’s image for a viewer on the Earth and casts the “umbra” bypassing between both.  Where to witness the eclipse


The best place to see the solar eclipse  this year happens to be Chile, a narrow country stretching over 6000 km of the Pacific Coastline right along the western edge of South America.  The Bucketlist is storming up a  Chile Total Eclipse Tour   for all the solar eclipse lovers out there who wish to watch this natural marvel occur from some of the most beautiful locations. This tour is going to cover places like Temuco, Pucon , Malalcahuello National Park, and Temuco. 

Follow safety protocols:

Follow safety protocols Eclipses have a different level of fascination, but there is an array of safety protocols that you need to focus on while watching it happen. There are certain  things about solar eclipse  you need to keep in mind while enjoying your stay in Pucon . It is dangerous to look at the Sun directly as it can cause long-term damage to unprotected eyes. Looking directly at the Sun can cause permanent damage to your retina – even the smallest amount of exposure can cause temporary blindness or blurry vision . It is imperative to ensure that your eclipse glasses meet the international standards of the ISO 12321-2. You can also use them over your regular glasses.


The only way to test your solar eclipse filters is to take a look at the Sun itself. In case you find that the Sun is too bright for your comfort or is out of focus, look away immediately as the glasses aren’t safe.  Please do not reuse glasses that are three or more years old – they were probably made before the international safety standards were enforced. If these glasses come with a warning that you should not use them after a certain point in time, you should discard them immediately.

Safety measures to consider:

Safety measures to consider


The American Astronomical Society has listed an array of things to consider before watching a solar eclipse. With these tips in hand, your  Chile Total Solar Eclipse Tour   will be fun, but it will also be devoid of any unforeseen circumstances – as they say, better safe than sorry ! Always follow instructions before watching a solar eclipse take place. If your glasses have any scratch or puncture, refrain from using them. In case you are travelling with your kids, supervise their filters .


Cover your eyes with your screen completely before looking up at the Sun . Do not use an unfiltered camera, telescope, or binoculars to look at the uneclipsed Sun . Always seek expert astronomer advice before diving in to watch the solar eclipse.

What to expect during your Chile Eclipse Tour 2020:

What to expect during your Chile Eclipse Tour 2020 Bucketlist is organizing one of the most exciting and cost-effective  solar eclipse travel packages   this year. Starting from planning the itinerary to logistics to permits to transportation, everything will be organized by Bucketlist – you don’t have to worry about a thing! You will even get to be part of a shared Google photo album where you will be able to share memorable pictures of the trip. 


You will be visiting beautiful places in the city of Temuco where you will encounter the Monument of Araucania that represents sculptures that depict the encounter between the colonists and the Mapuchets and happens to be a fountain sculpted by the local artists. You will also be able to visit the Anibal Pinto market in old Temuco. Apart from the city of Temuco, you will also visit the Malalcahuello National Park, where you can bask in hot water springs. There is Pucon , which is the main reason you will be heading for this trip in the first place!


The duration of the solar eclipse in Pucon will be around 2 minutes and 6 seconds, and it will take place at 13:04. Pucon happens to be a beautiful town located right beside the Villarica Volcano in the Andes foothills and is one of the hottest destinations in Chile . So go ahead and pack those bags for the experience of a lifetime. The  Chile Eclipse Tour 2020  is one of the most sought after trips this year, and Bucketlist has you covered – all you need to do is book your packages and be there! 


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