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Memoir : 

Memoir Objective: To realize the importance of one’s ancestry. To use main ideas to write a summary.

Definition : 

Definition A memoir is a piece of autobiographical writing. The memoir captures certain highlights in a person’s life. Examples Sandra Cisneros’s book A House on Mango Street Knots on my Yo-Yo String by Jerry Spinelli.

My Furthest-Back Person : 

My Furthest-Back Person Alex Haley’s memoir, My Furthest-Back Person, - emotional meeting between the author and his relatives in Ghana, Africa. Haley set out to trace his ancestors back to “the African” who was captured, made a slave, and shipped to America. His journey took him to a village in to identify his ancestors . Haley had begun to write during a twenty-year career with the U.S. Coast Guard, eventually holding the position of Chief Journalist. When he retired in 1959, turned to writing magazine articles and was co-author of The Autobiography of Malcolm X. His most famous piece of writing is Roots published in 1976.

Vocabulary : 

Vocabulary There are many words from African culture that are part of our language. Some of these are: gorilla gumbo chimpanzee banjo zebra oasis

Vocabulary My Furthest-Back Person : 

Vocabulary My Furthest-Back Person linguist-a person who has the capacity to learn more than one language griot- an oral historian mosque- a place of worship for those of the Islamic faith interpreter-one who translates from one language to another clan-a social unit, such as a family indelible-a mark that cannot be erased

Vocabulary : 

Vocabulary character trait-a feature that describes a someone personality, such as loyal, honest. summarize-to state briefly memoir-a piece of autobiographical writing

Sum-It-Up Summarizing Strategy : 

Sum-It-Up Summarizing Strategy As you read the story My Furthest-Back Person List key words or phrases from the story. Be sure these words and phrases convey the main idea (most important information) of the story. Use the main idea words and phrases to write a summary of the story. The catch! Each word costs $20 and your summary can contain only 20 words!

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