Energy from Fossil Fuels

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Energy from Fossil Fuels : 

Energy from Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuel : 

Fossil Fuel Energy –rich substance formed from the remains of organisms.

Fossil Fuels: Types : 

Fossil Fuels: Types

Coal : 

Coal Solid fossil fuel formed from plant remains Over millions of years of heat and pressure: Plant remains Peat Coal

Oil(Petroleum) : 

Oil(Petroleum) Formed from the remains of small animals and algae that lived in the ocean millions of years ago

Refinery : 

Refinery A factory in which crude oil is heated and separated into its component parts

Natural Gas : 

Natural Gas A mixture of methane and other gases

Energy Transformation and Fuels : 

Energy Transformation and Fuels Fuels contain stored chemical energy which can be released by combustion Heat Light Motion Electricity

Production of Electricity : 

Production of Electricity The heat released by burning fossil fuels is used to make steam, which runs a turbine that runs a generator to make electricity