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Dictionaries : 

Dictionaries What are dictionaries? How do they help us determine the meaning of a word?

Dictionaries: : 

Dictionaries: Are reference sources Define words or phrases Include all meanings of a word Tell us what part of speech a word is

Forms of dictionaries: : 

Forms of dictionaries: Dictionaries may come in the form of reference books. These dictionaries are organized by ABC order and include commonly used words.

Forms of dictionaries: : 

Forms of dictionaries: Dictionaries are also available on the Internet. These dictionaries contain search boxes for you to type in an unknown word and receive a definition. An example of an online dictionary is Merriam-Webster Online

Remember: : 

Remember: Dictionaries are a tool you can use when you encounter a word you are unfamiliar with. Dictionaries are just one tool you have available when you are reading.