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Bryant Tchan is a digital marketing professional and He has 10 years experience in this field.


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Bryant Tchan - Internet Marketing Expert , Advisor | Consultant


Bryant Tchan - How to Find the Best Digital Marketing Agency? According to Bryant Tchan , newspaper, traditional advertising as well as paper directories like Yellow Pages, are increasingly less effective for the businesses. Though, few years ago, people would go to the computer to search for the service or product, in recent times people are also well-connected to the internet all day and live online. Looking for the data and information, a product or even the service is as simple and quick as searching on the computer at work or even picking up the mobile telephone or tablet.


Bryant Tchan - Knowing about the SEO services SEO or even Search engine optimization, most normally abbreviated to "SEO", is the procedure of getting your website found on the search engines like Google when people make the search relevant to your business, products or services as well. Irrespective if the website is e-Commerce or even any kind of selling services it will drive leads and the sales into your business even if this has been found for the search terms people use, which is also known as the keyword to look for them in Google. SEO needs a certain experience as well as understanding of how Google reads your website. A good SEO service will have the proven track record of ranking the websites quite high in the search results.


  Bryant Tchan - Knowing about Pay per click According to Bryant Tchan , the pay per click is also one of the leading ways of promoting your business in the proper way. Sometimes, the pay per click is also considered as the Google advertising. Basically, the search terms can be the words that people actually use when in the "research" phase of making the purchase or even targeted at “buying keyword” while customers are looking to buy.


Bryant Tchan - Social media marketing One of the easiest ways of promoting your business is the social media marketing. If you are opting for the extraordinary marketing method, nothing can beat this one. Facebook is one of the excellent ways to raising the social awareness and that is why people choose this specific platform as well. Ensuring a fact that positive reviews are quite an easy and simple method to find and that any of the negative feedback has been managed well, can be a huge benefit to your conversion rate.


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