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When writing, it is best to choose an interesting lead to help capture and engage your readers attention. The following slides are examples of students' writings that used a different Lead to help begin their essays.


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Dolphin Day:

Dolphin Day I dream of their wet and slippery, smooth and soft skin. I hear their squeaky voices surrounding me. I feel warm-blooded heartbeats pounding through their bellies. I dream of dolphins in the deep blue sea. Did you know dolphins can do many things? Believe it or not, dolphins can stay under water for 16 hours. We can’t even stay under water for one hour. They have 16-18 pairs of teeth so they eat a lot of food, like fish. Some dolphins use squeaky noises to communicate. Dolphins are as loveable and intelligent as people.

Going Mushrooming:

Going Mushrooming “Whoa…slow down,” my dad called. “You’ve gone too far.” I ran ahead looking for a break in the barbed wire where we would enter the woods. “It’s back here,” my dad yelled. I ran back to where he was standing. He held the loose wire down with his foot and I stepped over it into the scratchy tall grass of the field. My sister followed and then my mom. “Okay you two. Go on ahead.” My dad said. We took off running through the field toward the edge of the woods where the pine trees stood straight to the sky and we knew we would find mushrooms. I ran to the tallest tree. Its branches hung low, sweeping the cushion floor below. My sister lifted the lowest bough revealing a secret room in the underbelly of the tree. I crawled into the tree bought cave. Light filtered through the branches and splattered the moist pine floor. “Call dad,” I yelled. “I found one!”

Flying Solo:

Flying Solo “My last day!” Bastian shouted as he entered the room. “I thought you said Monday was your last day,” Karen said. “My dad changed plans,” Bastian said. “Farewell, peons! I am leaving you for the beaches of Hawaii!” “You’ll look good in a hula hula skirt,” Jessica told him. “You should talk, String Bean!” Bastian retorted. “Remember that time you wore a dress? I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants!” “Shut up, Bastian,” Rhonda said. Bastian had a mean streak, and Rachel didn’t trust him. He had moved into town just before the beginning of sixth grade and immediately made his presence felt by teasing kids in class. He invented nasty little nicknames for just about everybody. Missy: Thunder Thighs. Vicki: The Shrimp. Jessica: String Bean. He called Tommy Feathers The Professor or, sometimes, Doctor Drool.

Late Lunch:

Late Lunch School isn’t completely horrible, but in my opinion having Late Lunch is the pits. Late lunch only lasts from 1:12 until 1:36, but those 24 minutes are enough to make any kid miserable. Our school has so many kids they have to have four lunch times, and lucky us, we get the last one. Maybe the lunch ladies started out in a good mood, but they’re wicked crabby by the time we get there. And the food is like a bad joke. First of all, they always run out of stuff. Were you looking forward to a nice juicy cheeseburger? Gone. The French fries are gonzo, too. Sometimes they substitute grilled cheese sandwiches that taste like cardboard. Other times it’s pizza, all dried out, with rubberized cheese. By Late Lunch the ice has all melted so the milk tastes warm and nasty. Even the jell-o looks sad (and it’s hard to ruin jell-o). At 1:35 I run out for recess, but it feels like I’ve got a lead ball in my stomach, so I can’t run very fast.

Making History:

Making History It was June 1st, 2002. An ordinary day in Indiana. Jeeves Yoder was getting ready to start to prepare the Salt Lake City Olympics of 2002. Nothing was going to prevent him from fulfilling his goal, not even the fact that he was Amish. He wanted so badly to win a gold medal, and to make history. He was willing to give it his all.


Sharks Did you know that there are over 350 kinds of sharks in the ocean? Sharks are found near the surface of the ocean, or at the bottom, too. Sharks are the most amazing creatures to us. Sharks have unique physical traits that are different with each species. These creatures can range in size from 10 inches to bigger than a school bus when they are fully grown. The majority of sharks are shaped like a torpedo so they glide through the water faster. Sharks that live on the ocean floor have flat-shaped bodies so they can hide in the sand. You may think that sharks have blowholes like a whale but they actually have gills like all fish. A shark’s underside is flat and smooth unlike the top of the body which is rough and scaly. Can you imagine 3,000 teeth biting into your body? That is how many teeth a shark has. Sharks have five rows of teeth, and when one falls out another takes its place.

ERASER--Short Answer Response Strategy:

ERASER - -Short Answer Response Strategy Responding to short essay questions This is a mnemonic device created to help you respond to short answer questions all year long. It will also be used as a scoring guide. ERASER Short Answer Response Strategy E xamine the question and the passage thoroughly. R estate the question as part of your response/answer. A nswer the question clearly. Say “why” you chose that answer. E xplain your answer using E xamples from the text. R estate your answer and revise if needed.

Writing Prompt: :

Writing Prompt: A boy named Svanta has just moved from Sweden to the United States. He has been invited to a birthday party. But he’s never been to a birthday party in the U.S. Write him a letter and let him know what to expect.

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