How to: Make Puzzle Pieces come together on PowerPoint

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Can you guess the picture?

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How To Make a Puzzle come together on PowerPoint

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1.) Use a program such as paint, to cut your picture into puzzle pieces. -For this tutorial, we will use square pieces, however you can use free-form tool to cut pieces how you want them. *If you are doing non-square pieces* -After you paste your pieces to PowerPoint Click on your piece and go to Picture Tools: Format. -Click Color. -Click “Set Transparent Color” and click on the white area of your piece. This will make the white not show up in the background of cut pieces.

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2.) Past your photos onto the slide. 3.) Click on the piece of the photo, go to the Animations tab and click Custom Path. 4.) Draw the path you want your puzzle piece to follow.

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Have fun!

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