Tips to Hire a Real Estate Attorney


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A good real estate attorney is one who advises you of the risks, suggest alternative ways of doing a transaction and charges a reasonable fee for doing so.


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How to Hire a Real Estate Attorney

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Best real estate attorney When purchasing a home its a good idea to engage the services of a real estate attorney. An attorney will see to it that your rights are protected and will process all necessary legal documents for your purchase. These tips will help you choose the right attorney to steer you through your transaction.

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Start early Start your hunt for a good real estate attorney about the same time you seriously begin your search for a new home. You want plenty of time to find a good attorney -- you dont want to end up picking one at the last moment without doing any research.

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Seek others advice Talk to friends colleagues and family whove recently purchased a home and ask them if they would recommend the real estate attorney they used. You could also seek the names of reputable attorneys from your real estate agent -- just be sure to get an attorney whos independent of that agent. Ask about the fees charged by the attorney and how well the attorney helped them to navigate the home-purchase process.

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Look for experience You want to find a "residential attorney" an attorney who specializes in home sales who regularly handles real estate transactions not one whos handled one only a handful of times. Check online with your states bar association to see if they have a lawyer referral service. Theres also a Lawyer Locator service at abanet the website for the American Bar Association choose "real estate" from the "areas of practice" pull-down menu and then search under your location.

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Go online Once you have the names of a few attorneys check to see if they have websites. There you can find out more about their backgrounds credentials specialties business style contact information and whether they have any local offices. You may need to meet several times with your attorney throughout the transaction.

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Interview Select a few attorneys to interview on the phone or ideally in person. Check first whether youll be charged for the interview. Ask them about their background and years of experience how many closings they typically perform during a month or a year what services they will provide and whether they can give you the names of some of their clients as references. Ask up front what their fees will be and how you will be charged. Also ask whether they see any conflicts of interest -- you dont want an attorney for example whos associated with the local home builder from whom youre purchasing a house or one who regularly does business with the sellers real estate agent.

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Get it in writing Once you select an attorney read the "engagement letter" or "retainer agreement" -- in which the attorney spells out what services he or she will provide and at what fee -- in full and make sure that you fully understand it and its terms.

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