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Meeting AYP : 

Meeting AYP Thanks to Moodle

AYP : 

AYP Even though we are one of the top 5 schools in our county, for the past two years, we’ve just barely made AYP in Special Education. The key to helping our special education students is to access learning across multiple modalities. Moodle is our key to success!

About Moodle : 

About Moodle Moodle is the online program we used to take our Performance Matters training. Moodle is a Virtual Learning Environment that allows teachers to create classes, lessons, tests, etc for their students to access and learn.

How it can be used : 

How it can be used Online lessons contain all the content of a normal lesson, but with more interaction. Lessons can include audio and video This will accompany the content to be learned

How it can be used : 

How it can be used Lessons can inlcude tests at the end to instantly monitor progress of students and data analysis. Lessons can be embedded with hyperlinks for students to explore more about content they are studying.

Why is this useful? : 

Why is this useful? Neuroscience research supports the power of learning through a combination of text and visuals. The dualchannel modality of the human brain suggests that the limited working memory (where people do their thinking) treats text/sound and visuals differently. Emergent research suggests that certain combinations of the two can significantly increase levels of learning (Lemke & Coughlin, 2009) Basically, the more areas of the brain we access during learning, the easier it will be for students to recall long-term memory Recalling this data is the information necessary to answer MSA questions, helping us meet AYP

Is this difficult to set up? : 

Is this difficult to set up? Moodle is a free open-source software that can be downloaded and hosted on our county server. Once you set up your class, lesson and quiz creation is very similar to the HTML coding used in our Edline software You aren’t creating new material, just transferring it to digital media Training will be offered throughout the year.

In conclusion : 

In conclusion Moodle gives teachers the online resources necessary to give students the total learning experience. More ways to access learning equals greater success on standardized testing!

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