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Count Off!:

Count Off! By: Brittany Brown

Introduction to Counting:

Introduction to Counting It is proven that you will find more value in words that you come across if you first learn to count from one to ten 1-monolithic 2-dichotomy 3-triptych 4-quadrennial 5-quintessence 6-hexagon 7-hebdomadal 8-octavo 9-novena 10-decalogue

Latin Vs. Greek:

Latin Vs. G reek Latin No. Form No. Greek Combining Form Unus Uni I MONO∑ Mono (alone, only) Duo Du, Bi II ∆¥O, ∆I∑ Dis, Dy , Di Tres Tri III TPEI∑ Tri Quattuor Quadr IV TETTAPE∑ Tetra Quinque Quint V IIENTE Penta Sex Sext VI ‘E€ Hexa Septem Sept VII ‘EIITA Hepta Octo Octo VIII ’OKT Ω Octo ( Okto ) Novem Nov, Non IX ’ENNEA Ennea Decem Decim X ∆EKA Deca ( Deka )

Unus, Uni I Mono Mono∑ ONE:

Unus , Uni I Mono Mono∑ ONE One stands for the smallest number One of a kind Largest number From this we get the word at one ment meaning being at one with God and man. We get many words from Latin and Greek number I For Example…


I Uni ty- To be as one Uni verse- One world Uni fied- To be as one Uni on- (Thirteen colonies/50 States) One Mighty Nation Uni son- To sing one and the same Uni lateral- Actions that are one-sided


I Mono tone- One who speaks in one tone Mono lith- A single huge stone Mono lithic- More picturesque word for uni fied (one) Mono poly- A single control of sales Mon k- One who lives alone in a monastery


I Meaning first are Prim- Latin or Proto- Greek Prim ate- Archbishop; Top Ranking Prim er- First reader Proto col- The first gluing (the leaf glued to rolls of papyrus) Prota gonist- First leading character In order the word Protagonist to come from the Greek, Proto, meaning first, it would have to be spelled Proto gonist .

Duo, Bi, Dis II Di, Dy ∆¥O, ∆I∑ Two:

Duo, Bi, Dis II Di, Dy ∆¥O, ∆I∑ Two We say two is company, but historically two is a di visive number. It immediately destroys the unity of one. Many words come from Latin and Greek number II For Example…


II Dou bt- Having two minds about something ( Second thoughts) Di lemma- Having two different options Di ploma- A paper folded dou ble ( two ) Bi cameral- Having two chambers (camera) Bi noculars- Having two eyes Com bi ne - To put two and two together Bi gamy - To get married ( Two people)

Tres, Tri, TER III Tri TPEI∑ Three:

Tres , Tri, TER III Tri TPEI∑ Three Most words with three in them are fairly obvious. For Example…


III Tri pod- Three footed stand (camera) Tri ad- A group of three Tri logy- A major work of literature or music in three parts Tri angle- A shape with three angles Tri ptych- Three pictures or carvings on folding panels, side by side.

Quattuor, Quadr IV Tetra TETTAPE∑ Four :

Quattuor , Quadr IV Tetra TETTAPE∑ Four When we say four, we think square. Words like: Quadr angle Quadr ilateral Come from the shape square There are other words that mean four For Example…


IV Quadr angle- Has four angles Quadr ilateral- Has four sides Quad rille- A square dance Quadr ennial- Elections are held every four years ( Four + annual) Qua train- A four -line stanza


IV Tetra also means four. It is the combining form. Tetra appears in hundreds of chemical and geometrical combinations For Example: Tetra ethyl In Latin, tessera means four, which brings us back to the square idea. Anything that is formed of little squares like a checkerboard is called tesse llated.

Quinque, Quint V Penta IIENTE Five :

Quinque , Quint V Penta IIENTE Five We can find a lot of words from the Latin and Greek number five. For Example…


V Quint essence- Fifth ; Highest essence Quinque nnium- A recurring period of five years From Penta : Penta gon- A five -sided figure Penta teuch- The first five books of the Bible Penta thlon- Olympic event in which each athlete takes part in five athletic contests

Sex, Sext VI Hexa E€ Six:

Sex, Sext VI Hexa E€ Six As numbers increase, the number of words that can be made from that number, decreases. In Latin, six is: Sex In Greek, six is: Hex They both sound alike and are used frequently in the English language. For Example…


VI Hexa gon- A six -sided figure Sext ant- Navigator’s instrument; Got its name from its arc being (1/6) of a circle Se mester- Originally used for a six months’ period. Now, it is generally used as a school term of any length.

Septem VII Hepta EIITA Seven:

Septem VII Hepta EIITA Seven On our calendar, September is the ninth month. This doesn’t seem to make sense. Before 153 B.C., the Roman year began in March. So, this would make September the seventh month if the year started in March. For Example…


VII Sept uagint- The translation of the Old Testament into Greek. It was called this because seventy scholars are said to have worked on it. Hepta ( Hept )- Appears in scientific words like: HEPTANE- A hydrocarbon containing seven atoms of Carbon to sixteen atoms of Hydrogen. Hebdomadal - Occurring every seven days (weekly)

Octo VIII Octo OKTΩ Eight:

Octo VIII Octo OKT Ω Eight From the Greek, Octo , we get words like: Octagon Octopus Octo means eight. When we see octo we should be able to tear the word apart and know that it has something to do with the number eight. For Example…


VIII Octa gon- Eight -sided figure Octo pus- A sea creature with eight feet “In San Francisco, a biologist discovered that the aquarium octopus, Willie, had only seven tentacles-with no stump to show that it ever had had an eighth. The reporter of this news item asks, ‘Does that make Willie a septopus ?’ No. To keep the record straight it makes Willie a heptapus .” -8. Count Off! Pg.95

Novem, Non IX Ennea Ennea Nine:

Novem , Non IX Ennea Ennea Nine We have many phrases that use the word nine like: “A nine days’ wonder” “A cat’s nine lives” “ Nine points of the law” But we have very few words with the word nine. For Example…


IX Nov ena- A nine days’ religious devotion Novem ber- According to the old Roman system and calendar, it would make November the ninth month in a year. Non agonal - Annual athletic meets held at Princeton are called the Nonagonal Games because nine colleges take part in them.

Decem, Decim X Deca ∆EKA Ten:

Decem , Decim X Deca ∆EKA Ten The Latin and Greek words for ten, give us a large amount of words like: Decim al Deca logue Other words that have something to do with ten are For Example…


X Dime - Ten cents Dec uria - A set of ten Decim ate- Originally meant to kill one in ten. (Generally as a punishment for mutiny) Today, we use it in a sense of an nihil ate, meaning to reduce to nothing . This comes from the Greek and Latin, NIHIL , NULLUS O¥∆EN ( Nothing ) Deca thlon- Goes along with the pentathlon except instead of five contests, each athlete does ten

Yay! You Learned to Count to Ten :D:

Yay! You Learned to Count to Ten :D The END!