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Case Presentation: Paul:

Case Presentation: Paul Brittany Yaffe Foundation Field Instruction

EOC of Suffolk: HIV Prevention and Supportive Services:

EOC of Suffolk: HIV Prevention and Supportive Services Prevention Program Talbot House detox facility Referred to Supportive Services

Client History:

Client History Homosexual white male Homeless Age: 52 years old Diagnosed with AIDS in 1990 Drug addiction 30+ years; cocaine, crack, and alcohol Has attended multiple detox and rehab facilities Arrested for petit larceny Diagnosed with bipolar disorder

Presenting Problems:

Presenting Problems Crack and Alcohol Addiction Relapses when receives Social Security check each month Not receiving medical care Not taking medication HIV medication Bipolar medication Not protecting himself or his partners


Modality One-on-one sessions Phone calls Home visits Attend medical appointments

Treatment Plan:

Treatment Plan Applied him for housing Currently moved to sober house Outpatient treatment Medical care Follow-up with physician Check viral load Treatment for bipolar disorder


Challenges Relapsed first day at sober living facility Flight Risk Staying Sober Treatment Family Length of addiction

Future Action:

Future Action Follow treatment plan Schedule home visit Provide support

The End!!!:

The End!!!