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National Collegiate Agricultural Ambassadors Agri-Who?

How many people?:

How many people?

Slide 3:

As many jobs as you can think of that bring the pizza to your kitchen table You’ll have 4 minutes Make sure everyone in your group is involved

Where do all the ingredients start?:

Where do all the ingredients start?

A Day in Agriculture:

A Day in Agriculture A Day in Agriculture books…


Farmer Farmers get up early to feed their animals, they eat usually before the farmer does!

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Farmers are stewards of the land. Many of them take classes in order to learn how to protect the land and environment that is very important to their lifestyle.

Grocery Store Manager:

Grocery Store Manager Grocery store managers are very important. They ensure that there is enough food on the shelves, and choose what to stock, so we can have fresh, safe, and affordable food at all times.


YOU! You also have a part in agriculture. Everyone who buys something is a consumer. What you cook, eat, and buy all has an impact on agriculture.

Food Safety:

Food Safety Food Safety Dance!! Cook Clean Chill Separate

Who’s the most important?:

Who’s the most important? You!!!

How much do you relate?:

How much do you relate? In your teams you are going to get a bag of money . I will ask a question As a team count out the amount of money that answers the question.


Practice The farmer receives how many cents out of every dollar? Answer 19c 15 cents 25 cents 5 cents 1 Dollar

Slide 14:

How many people does one farmer feed? Answer 155 What percent of all U.S. agricultural products are exported (sent to other countries) yearly? Answer 24% How many pounds of milk per day does a dairy cow produce? Answer 70 pounds 15 cents 25 cents 5 cents 1 Dollar

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How many pounds of cheese can one day of milk from a dairy cow make? Answer 7 pounds Farmers provide habitat for ______percent of America’s wildlife. Answer 75% What percentage of farms are family farms in the United States? Answer 98% 15 cents 25 cents 5 cents 1 Dollar

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How many billion pizzas does America’s consume each year? Answer 3 billon How many pounds of poultry does each American person eat every year? Answer 85.4 pounds How many gallons of milk does each person drink? Answer 21 gallons 15 cents 25 cents 5 cents 1 Dollar

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