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The significance of Public Health in the U.S.:

The significance of Public Health in the U.S. Brittney Jacob


Introduction Public Health has a growing concern when looking at health care in the U.S. (Mattingly, 2017) The focus of health care is changing to a preventative instead of reactive type of care (Mattingly, 2017) Public Health focuses on protecting the populations well being (Kemp, 2012)

Importance of Public Health in the U.S. :

Importance of Public Health in the U.S. CDC states that health is a national asset and maintaining the health of the population is essential to the economy, national security and over success in the nation (Kemp, 2012) The benefits of a healthy population far exceed the cost of care (Kemp, 2012) Social and economical conditions that make people ill are just as important as medical care (Kemp, 2012) The cost of healthcare to Americans is higher than any other nation (Blanding, 2012) Keeping people healthy is essential for a healthy workforce with productive workers (Blanding, 2012)

Impacts of Public Health :

Impacts of Public Health Preventing disease Prolonging life Promoting physical health and efficiency Environment Sanitation Controlling community infections Educating individuals on personal hygiene Promoting early diagnosis and preventative treatment (Kemp, 2012)

The History of Public Health :

The History of Public Health Began in ancient times during the Middle Ages (14 th century) epidemics Measures included quarantine (Rhodes & Bryant, 2017) Public Health is changing their model and focusing on the importance of community action in promoting health and preventing disease (Rhodes & Bryant, 2017) Late 1800s/Early 1900s Public Health Professionals and Surgeons were the most prominent health care providers ( Yesalis , Holt, & Politzer , 2012)

Early Public Health Strategies :

Early Public Health Strategies Communicable Diseases [Measles, Scarlet Fever] Many children were becoming hospitalized and/or dying Public Health solution: Vaccines are now required for school aged children making these illnesses nearly eradicated “Night Sewage” problem – waste was thrown out the window in the morning Solutions: Sewage treatment plants, drinking water filtration systems, food-handling regulations Public Health solutions helped control the spread of the diseases ( Yesalis , Holt, & Politzer , 2012)

Public Health Timeline Highlights :

Public Health Timeline Highlights 1 st Public Health Law established requiring all births and deaths to be recorded 1 st Public Laboratory opened in New York for studying disease CDC was founded Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) was formed ( Yesalis , Holt, & Politzer , 2012)


Popularity High cost of health care; something needs to change (Kemp, 2012) Increasing popularity of public health with its projected benefit (Kemp, 2012) The Affordable Care Act emphasizes the role of public health (Kemp, 2012) “Public Health saved your life today. You just didn’t know it.” Dr. Leana Wen, Baltimore City Health Commissioner (Mattingly, 2017)

The Future of Public Health:

The Future of Public Health Healthcare providers working together with public health Providers collaborating in programs Education the public & patients Looking at socioeconomic status as well as income, education& occupation to better link the social determinants Working with outpatient programs & community benefit services Using resources such as free local clinic and/or senior care programs (Benton & Polite, 2016) Preventative health has many unused resources (Kemp, 2012)


Conclusion Public health is a big concern and focus in the U.S. Changing the focus to preventative care will hopefully decrease the need for acute care Public health can hopefully bring the financial burden of healthcare down


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