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British Teddy Bear have been manufactured with care and tested to exceed toy safety regulations. You can Buy British Teddy Bear online with projection and all of their accessories. The Great British Teddy Bear Company is a United kingdom owned family run business. Since our history breaking start at the world popular Hamley’s in London our Great British Teddy Bears are now being purchased in the best toy boutiques all over the world.


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Buy British Lady Bobby Teddy Bear Online at Affordable price :

Buy British Lady Bobby Teddy Bear Online at Affordable price British Teddy Bear

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LADY BOBBY The Great British Lady Bobby is wearing her regulation NATO style blue Police jersey reinforced with tough nylon elbow patches and embroidered epaulets. Her shirt, checked cravat and jumper are all removable so that she can get changed at bedtime. Even her miniature helmet has been carefully replicated to both look and feel just like the real thing. Our Great British Lady Bobby arrives ready to make an arrest carrying her own warrant card and badge detailing her name Emily Good heart. Bobby was our first Great British Teddy Bear created to raise money for the charity Child Victims of Crime. Bobby Bear now has two friends Emily Good heart and his very stern Sergeant Winston Growler. Bobby is currently appearing in schools, teaching child safety and can often be seen with his friend Emily helping Care of Police Survivors. She proudly wears the epaulette number 999 to help teach children the emergency services number at the earliest opportunity.




ARMY BEAR During 2013, we employed wounded ex-military personnel at the Poppy Factory to dress our Armed Services bears in the UK. We employed the Poppy Factory to dress our Armed Forces range of bears so that we could help get wounded, sick and injured ex-armed forces men and women back to work. Having valiantly served their country, we thought they deserved it. Our Great British Army bears are a favorite with the families of our brave soldiers. You can choose from one of four beret colors to create a personalized Teddy Bear to cuddle up to at home when your loved one is serving their country.




FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE Florence Nightingale was the founder of modern nursing and is recognized by nurses around the world. Our Florence Nightingale Bear wears a miniature of the dress once worn by ‘Nightingale nurses’, and carries a replica of her famous lamp. Her khaki canvas bag holds three little bandages so that she can nurse any injured toys she meets as she travels the globe. The Florence Nightingale teddy bear is one of most highly detailed teddy bears. Replicating the outfit worn by nurses in that era. The bag also contains 3 bandages to provide more authenticity and detail to the Florence Nightingale teddy bear. A perfect gift for a family or friend who is a currently or has been a nurse.




GUARDSMAN The Great British Guardsman wears the traditional “Home Service Dress” a scarlet tunic and bearskin. British Soldiers wore the bearskin hat in the 17th Century to add to the apparent height and impressive appearance of these troops both on the parade ground and the battlefield. Great British Guardsman can be seen every day guarding Buckingham Palace or during the changing of the guard. Our Guardsman wears a plush “bearskin” hat. and a red tunic with embroidered epaulets. His white leatherette belt has a die caste buckle matching his shiny brass buttons. We would love to see pictures of you with your bears please upload them at share our bear





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