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SCOTLAND Triin Sellis & Laura Leman 11.C HTG Tartu, 2013

What is Scotland?:

What is Scotland?

Topics :

Topics Geography, climate and demography National symbols Sheep History Sights Famous people Laura etc.


Geography more than 790 islands accessible and larger islands have human populations The Central Belt highest population density most of the main towns and cities Edinburgh capital and second largest city Glasgow once one of the world's industrial cities populatio n ( 20 1 1 ) 5,295,400 About half the migrants to Scotland are from the rest of the UK About half the overseas migrants to the UK are from the EU


Climate Mild winters & cooler, wetter summers T emperatures are generally lower Western Scotland is usually warmer S nowfall is not common in the lowlands, but becomes more common with altitude

National symbols :

National symbols F lag of Scotland ( the Saltire or St. Andrew's Cross ) Thistle Tartan no official national anthem of Scotland Flower of Scotland

Sheep & Farming:

Sheep & Farming A lot of breeds 7.4 million sheep Rented land Up in the hills during summertime


History The Kingdom of the Picts Wars of Independence Auld Alliance 1295–1560 Union of the Crowns 1603 Treaty of Union 1707

Sights :

Sights Loch Ness Scone Palace The "Royal Mile“ Ben Nevis (1343m)

Famous people:

Famous people William Wallace Rob Roy Robert Burns David Hume Sean Connery

Thank you for listening!:

Thank you for listening!

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