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West south central:

West south central Meril&Martin


Geography Texas - area - 696,241km 2 population - 26,059,203 capital - Austin Arkansas - area - 137,733km 2 population - 2,949,131 ´ capital - Little R ock Oklahoma - area 181,195km 2 population - 3,814,820 capital - Oklahoma city Louisiana - area - 135,382km 2 population - 4,601,893 capital - Baton Rouge


Terrain Mountains , plateaus, desert lands, plains, mesas


Climate Varies from semi-tropical to dry Highly variable weather Texas ~ 38 °C/0°C Most tornado e s in US 139 a year Most greenhouse gases in US Oklahoma ~ 38 °C/−18°C Tornado e s Arkansas ~ 34°C/–5°C Extreme weather Louisiana ~ 32°C/−8 °C Tropical cyclones/Hurricanes


History Texas : 1518 - the first historical document State - 1845 Slavery - 1865 Pre-European era Colonization Republic Statehood Civil War and reconstruction 20th century and present Oklahoma : 850-1450 AD Slavery was abolished in 1866 State - 1907 Cyrus Avery - Route 66 Oil industry, "Oil Capital of the World" Rich African American history Domestic terrorism


History Arkansas : Colonial period - France and Spain Slavery - a wedge issue(1865) State - 1836 Louisiana : Native Americans, Europeans in 16th century Slavery - 1806 State - 1812


Sightseeing Texas : McNay Art Museum Oklahoma : Beavers Bend Oklahoma Arkansas : Little Rock Zoo Louisiana : Frenchmen Street

McNay Art Museum:

McNay Art Museum

Beavers Bend Oklahoma:

Beavers Bend Oklahoma

Little Rock Zoo:

Little Rock Zoo North Zone : African Veldt, Big Cats, Conservation Outpost, Laura P. Nichols Cheetah Outpost South Zone : Elephant Barn, Children's farm, Discovery building(reptiles, birds), Vampire bats East Zone : Great Apes, Penguins, Hoofstock West Zone : Giraffes, Bears, Small Carnivores

Little Rock Zoo:

Little Rock Zoo

Frenchmen Street:

Frenchmen Street

Famous sports teams:

Famous sports teams Oklahoma - Oklahoma city thunder Texas - Houston Rockets San Antonio spurs Dallas Mavericks Dallas cowboys Houston Texans Dallas Stars Louisiana - New Orleans Pelicans Arkansas - Hunting and fishing

Famous people:

Famous people Oklahoma : Chuck Norris Brad Pitt One Republic Texas : George W. Bush Kelly Rowland Tila Tequila Eva Longoria Jamie Foxx

Famous people:

Famous people Arkansas : Amy Lee Johnny Cash Louisiana : Ian Somerhalder Jared Leto Britney Spears Reese Witherspoon

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