The Colonial Period In The US History

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The Colonial Period In The US History:

The Colonial Period In T he US History X. BCD, Karoliine-L . Kõiv & Karl A. Mere

Discovering and exploring:

Discovering and exploring 11th century – Leif Erikson in Milwaukee 1492 - Christopher Columbus First Spanish explorers and settlers in 1513 French settlement in Mississipi The Virginia Colony in 1607 Dutch settlers in New York, 1614 Pilgrims ’ Plymouth Colony in 1620 100 000 English Puritans in Massachusetts Giovanni Battista Ramusio

La Florida:

La Florida First explorers in Northern America , in Florida Reached America in November 1493 The voyage lead by governor of Puerto Rico – Juan Ponce de León The legend of the youth fountain Conquistadors were soldiers, explorers, and adventurers at the service of the Spanish Empire and Portuguese Empire.

The Colony Of Virginia:

The Colony Of Virginia First successful English Colony – 1584 Jamestown Sir Walter Raleigh Previous unsuccessful attempts of claiming by Sweden , France , Spain and the Netherlands The Virginia Company The Bermuda Lost Sea Venture

The Thirteen Colonies:

The Thirteen Colonies 1607-1733 Delaware Virginia Georgia Pennsylvania New Jersey Connecticut Massachusetts Maryland South Carolina New Hampshire North Carolina Rhode Islands New York

The Plymouth Colony:

The Plymouth Colony 1620-1691 Captain John Smith, Mayflower Separatists and anglicans united – pilgrims The Pocahontas legend King Phillip’s War The Great Awakening The tradition of Thanksgiving

New York:

New York Firstly claimed by Dutch sailors French in 1524 English in 1607 Named by the Duke of York, James II Stuart Henry Hudson Dutch and British East-India Company Traded cotton , silk, indigo dye , salt , saltpetre , tea, opium 1611 riots on ships


California In 1542 explored by Portugese Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo Spanish missionaries , ukuleles Later came English , lead by Francis Drake Largest treasures

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