The Colonial Period (Eva-Lotta Käsper)

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Colonial Period: 1607-1763:

Colonial Period: 1607-1763 Eva-Lotta Käsper HTG 2012

Jamestown, Virginia 1607:

Jamestown, Virginia 1607 1609-10 - The Starving Time at Jamestown Indian massacre of 1622 : 347 killed, next in 1644 ( Powhatans ) The Anglo-Powhatan Wars 1609-1614, 1622-1632, 1644-1646 The Lost Colony of Roanoke 1606-1625: 7,289 immigrants, 6,040 died “To go to Virginia was effectively to commit suicide.”

Mayflower 1620:

Mayflower 1620 From Plymouth to Plymouth 09/16-11/21 102 passangers, 2 deaths & 1 birth (Oceanus Hopkins) Professions represented: tailors, printers, merchants, silk workers, shopkeeper, hatter What would you take with to a deserted island/North America? a complete history of Turkey 126 pairs of shoes 13 pairs of boots no fishing lines 54 left by April Separatists, not Puritans

xkcd: National Language:

xkcd : National Language


Algonquian Nquitpausuckowashawmen There are a hundred of us. Chenock wonck cuppee-yeaumen ? When will you return? Tashuckqunne cummauchenafimisz ? How long have you been sick? Ntanneteimmin I will be going .

Samoset & Tisquantum:

Samoset & Tisquantum Wampoanoag tribe English and Spanish £20 apiece: sold to Spain Cuper's Cove, Newfoundland expedition Back in 1619, European diseases The 1621 Plymouth feast and thanksgiving Squanto, taught the Pilgrims to plant corn, fish, catch fildfowl

The Thirteen Colonies 1607-1733:

The Thirteen Colonies 1607-1733 New England Colonies Connecticut Massachusetts Bay New Hampshire Rhode Island and Providence Plantations Middle Colonies New York Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware Southern Colonies Georgia Maryland South Carolina Virginia North Carolina

Ethnic Diversity:

Ethnic Diversity T he Dutch of New Netherland T he Swedes and Finns of New Sweden - 1638 to 1655, Delaware T he English Quakers of Pennsylvania - William Penn T he English Puritans of New England T he English settlers of Jamestown T he "worthy poor" of Georgia



The French:

The French Detroit, Green Bay, St . Louis, Mobile, Biloxi, Baton Rouge, New Orleans Louisiana 1682 - King Louis XI V French and Indian War 1754-1763 (Seven Years' War)

The Spanish:

The Spanish St. Augustine, Florida 1565 Florida (to England 1763, in exchange for Havana) New Mexico California (Queen Califia ) Texas (to Mexico in 1821, 1836 Republic of Texas) Spanish missions

The Dutch 1614-1667:

The Dutch 1614-1667 New Netherlands and its capital New Amsterdam (NYC) Fur trade

The Fall of New Amsterdam by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris:

The Fall of New Amsterdam by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris

The Amish:

The Amish Pennsylvania Dutch/German Jacob Ammann 1693 , Anabaptists - "one who baptizes again" From Switzerland , Rhenish Palatinate and Alsace A n example of the founder effect


Education The nine Colonial Colleges New College 1636 Queen's College (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey) Ivy League M assachussets education laws of 1642 and 1647

Salem Witch Trials 1693-1693:

Salem W itch T rials 1693-1693 Essex, Suffolk, and Middlesex in colonial Massachusetts 1692 in Salem Town – over 150 people arrested and imprisoned 29 were convicted: hanging, one crushed to death The touch test

The War of Jenkins’ Ear 1739-1742:

The War of Jenkins’ Ear 1739-1742 Robert Jenkins Captain Julio León Fandiño “ S ame will happen to him (the king) if caught doing the same . ” The term Americans 20,000 dead, wounded , missing, or captured, 407 ships lost The Asiento 1713 (for 30 years)

New York Conspiracy of 1741:

New York Conspiracy of 1741 the Negro Plot of 1741 or the Slave Insurrection of 1741 Black slaves and poor whites A nti-Catholic and anti-Spanish feelings The fires

The Lovely Language:

The Lovely Language God be with you! – Goodbwye ! “I know not a language spoken in Europe, that hath words of more sweetness or greatness, in accent or emphasis, than theirs.” – William Penn Mississippi, Susquehanna, Rappahannock Poughkeepsie – “the reed covered lodge by the little-water place“ (Wappinger language) The Massachusett people


Loans Wuchak – woodchuck (Algonquian origin) How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? A woodchuck would chuck all the wood he could if a woodchuck could chuck wood ! Seganku – skunk Naiack – neck “That neck of woods”


Nature Passanger pigeons – 9 million, the last one in Cincinnatti Zoo 1914 The word raccoon from Powhatan - "[the] one who rubs, scrubs and scratches with its hands“ The Three Sisters: squash, maize and beans The French Tobacco: “drinking”


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