Supply Chain & Logistics Visibility


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The PPT presentation is all about the visibility of a supply chain & logistics and how to enhance it. The presentation was arranged by BR International company.


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Supply Chain & Logistics Visibility:

Supply Chain & Logistics Visibility Arranged By BR International Supply Chain Consulting

Drive Success With Visibility:

Drive Success With Visibility Only 9% of logistics professionals have complete visibility into their supply chain. Transportation accounts for most 50% of an average company’s logistics costs and transportation costs, as a percent of sales, are rising for many companies. 72% of shippers are increasing their use of outsourced logistics services this year. 50% see biggest opportunity for more agile supply chain strategies follow by end-to-end visibility.

Visibility Is Most Important For::

Visibility Is Most Important For: Supplier Inventory Location of Goods Lead Time Shipment Notifications Customer Satisfaction

How To Enhance Visibility:

How To Enhance Visibility 40% create streamlined process for monitoring, usability and efficiency. 44% integrate costs and transactions to operations + improvement internal cross department visibility. 21% increase B2B connectivity.

Lack Of Visibility = Consequences:

Lack Of Visibility = Consequences Cannot pro-actively manage customer service issues. Unable to respond quickly to revenue opportunities. Additional costs (higher inventory unplanned OT). Lack of understanding and information.

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