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A child speech therapist in Singapore is a well-qualified person with whom children can communicate their thoughts and feelings. Read the blog for more details.


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Blog 02: In what cases a Child Speech Therapist should be looked for There are children in Singapore suffering from speech disorders. Speech is the way through which children can communicate their thoughts and feelings. Speech disorders affects the ability to form the sounds that allows verbal communication. A child speech therapist in Singapore should be consulted if the following symptoms are noticed: · Repeating sounds · Distorting sounds · Difficulty in pronouncing words · Struggling to say correct words · Elongating words · Taking frequent pauses when talking · Speaking with raspy and horse voice · Frustration while trying to communicate A child speech therapist in Singapore is a well-qualified person and will first analyze the type of disorders. Different kinds of speech disorders are:  Apraxia: It is the impairment of motor skills due to brain damage which affects the childs ability to form sounds of speech correctly.  Dysarthria: When the brain damage causes muscles weakness in face lips tongue throat or chest as a result causes difficulty in verbal communication.  Stuttering or stammering: It is the most common speech disorder among children that causes interruptions in the flow of speech. The speech interruptions occurs in stuttering includes repetitions where sounds and words are repeated and blocks where a child wants to say something but is stuck as he/she struggles to form sounds.  Speech delay: It is a condition where as child is not able to communicate due to mental or developmental disorder.  Lisping: It is a condition where a child is not able to pronounce words correctly. Reasons for speech disorders: · Vocal cord paralysis · Vocal cords damage

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Blog 02: · Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder · Autism · Oral cancer · Brain injury Treatments: The doctor designs a customized treatment depending upon the type of speech disorders. Various speech therapy methods used for curing speech disorders among children are: Ø The picture exchange communication system helps for nonverbal communication through pictures. Ø The oral motor therapy includes oral exercises which help in pronunciation of words. Ø Oral muscular therapy also known as prompts where therapists use touch cues on a childs face to correct the movements of jaw lips and tongue to form words.

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