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1. Is Online Learning Effective ? By: Brian Ross Million of students are participating in online learning 2. Growth The number of students enrolled in (at least one) online courses keeps on growing 1 2008 2007 2006 4.6 Million 3.94 Million 3.5 Million 3. 6.5 Billion 27.1 Billion 49.6 Billion 2003 2008 2014 US Learning Economy Growth 2 4. Online Learners 81% of online students are employed full time at the time they enroll 3 Female 53% Male 47% Average age of students is 34 5. 61% were familiar with online learning programs 83% considered online degrees as credible as campus based degree 87% viewed online degrees more favorably than before 79% had hired at least one online grad in the last year CEOs Hr Professionals What Experts Say ? 4 6. By: Brian Ross


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PowerPoint Presentation: careerwithonlinedegrees careeronlinedeg www. careerwithonlinedegrees .com By: Brian Ross

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