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Are you creative? If innovation, design and art are your forte then you need to consider a career as a graphic designer.


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About Graphic Designer Career Information Are you creative? If innovation, design and art are your forte then you need to consider a career as a graphic designer. By: Brian Ross ww.careerwithonlinedegrees.com

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What do Graphic D esigners do? Graphic designers create visual content that appeals to their target audience and consumers, and conveys a message. This can be done by hand or through computer software. Clients hire graphic designers to bring their ideas and concepts to life in an innovative way though website design, logos, marketing material and advertisements.

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What Education do I need to enter this field? To become a graphic designer you would ideally need at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Design or a related discipline. However, in this field creativity, originality and client relationships are more important. If you have a great portfolio , then your work can speak for itself and employers will place more emphasis on that then your education. Freelance designers can get away with not having a design degree but training within the discipline is a great plus point.

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Where do Graphic D esigners W ork? Almost 29% of graphic designers work for themselves i.e. they are self-employed. The rest of them work for specialized design firms , advertising and public relations agencies, publishing houses and multi-national companies . Nowadays almost all organizations have either an in-house graphic designer or one on a need-based contract.

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What other traits are required to be a Graphic D esigner? Graphic designers need to be able to work on their own and adhere to strict deadlines. Working well under pressure, and being able to communicate your ideas accurately is a plus point. Thus interpersonal skills, written and spoken communication skills as well as excellent customer service will be what will set you apart. You need to be constantly experimenting and evolving as a designer. Creativity and originality in your portfolio is critical.

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How much are they paid? The actual salary of graphic designers depends on where they work as well as how good their portfolio is. Your relationship with your clients, your PR and reputation in the industry will largely determine your salary , as will the nature of work. However, the annual median salary in 2010 was recorded as being $43,500.

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What are their employment prospects? Competition in this industry is fierce especially due to the fact that it is relatively easy to enter this market. The flexibility it allows is also a feature that attracts people to it. The industry also faces tough competition from abroad. By: Brian Ross www. careerwithonlinedegrees .com

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